About Us

About the Name “TechJuvy

Technology never gets old, it just rejuvenates itself and takes a new form (Cooler and Better than ever before), that’s why we say, Technology never gets old.

And that’s why the name contains Juvy (Means Young). We believe that if you are a Tech Enthusiasts, you will always be young or say always updated.

And this comprises of the Vision of this blog.

TJ Vision :

TJ’s Vision is to take you a tour of the latest trends in the technical market and to try to provide best solution to the tech queries at a single place.

This blog is a solution providing service to all tech enthusiasts.

We never say we know it all but with your help, we want to build a community of all the techies and a one-stop-shop in order to find the solutions.

This comprises us to introduce the next <H2> of this page i.e. Community.

Community :

As of now, we are enabling commenting below the articles, in order to build the community and have two-way communication.

As you are reading this page then as a reader, Please share your feedback and ideas so that we can continuously improve ourselves.

Contact us at [email protected] or you can fill our Contact Us Form as well.