If your PC has been slowed down recently, an unusual but messy program “Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application” might be responsible for this slowdown. Be it any kind of Windows version, and the App affects the performance of all.

Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application a malware?

Does it come packed with the virus?

Can it crash your other apps?

And, if it is worrisome,

How to delete Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application from your PC?

All your questions have been answered in this article, read on:

What is meant by a Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

First of all, you need to be clear about it that Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is not a virus, malware, or any kind of attack on your PC’s security as hyped by multiple antivirus companies.

It is just another productivity software that helps you in watching TV programs over your computer. 

But, yes, it affects the system performance, and you might opt to flush it out of your system.

Most of the antivirus solutions show this as a threat to your PC, not because it is a virus but because of a dark marketing strategy where they want to sell another kind of service as an alternative to Digital TV Tuner Device.

A digital TV tuner is simply a program that assigns a scheduled task to the Windows Media Center on your PC.

Remove Digital TV Tuner Device

This task allows a digital TV tuner to scan and register TV signals from various broadcast stations and then process them into watchable form.

In short, you can watch all the channels on your PC by adding the cable connected to it, and here a digital tuner turns a PC into a TV.

Wondering how does a Digital TV Tuner Registration App works? – A chain of command lines named as ehPrivJob.exe. Does this job for your computer’s Windows Media Center. When ehPrivJob.exe is occupying a lot of system resources, your PC might slow down.

The process sometimes creates invalid registry entries too, making it messy for the system files. 

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Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration App Safe For Your PC?

As we have already mentioned, this is not a virus, malware, or any damn kind of security attack on your beloved computer, so clearly, it makes no sense if you want to get rid of it for security reasons.

But, if you are worried about your PC’s performance and see a noticeable slowdown, you can consider removing the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application.

Also, the process chain ehprivJob.exe is considered to be affecting the boot-up time of your PC, but once its start-up sequence has been completed, the system performance would not be much altered due to this app.

So, ehPrivJob.exe (while idle) would not bother you to remove it. But, in certain situations, even when the Tuner feature is not working, ehPrtivJob.exe can rush the floods of processes unnecessarily, making it troublesome for you.

In such conditions, you might have to find ways to disable or remove the Digital TV Tuner Registration App.

Now, the question is whether you should remove the Digital TV Tuner Registration App from your PC or not? It depends on how you use your PC! If you are a regular computer user and do not use any kind of TV broadcasts over it, removing this app is a good idea.

As most of the times, this app comes packed with 3rd party software or freeware, you might not have noticed that it has been preying on your system resources since then.

Once you find the issue and identify its system usage to asses how it is affecting your PC, you can remove it thoroughly, we have mentioned several ways that you can use to disable this “not-so-important” app.

But, if you are an infotainment geek and binge-watch a lot of movies, TV shows, and web-series on your PC, removing this app entirely would not be a good idea, though. As at some point in the case, you would need the Tuner operation to scan different kinds of TV signals to watch your favorite shows.

Ultimate Ways to Remove the Applicant

If you have already planned to remove the app entirely, you can follow these following ways:

1. Try Ending The Process From The List Of Resource Manager

This is one of the simplest ways to remove the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. In this simplified method, we just simply turn off the process, eliminating the reason behind the slowdown.

  • Press Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together or right-click on the Taskbar to open the Task Manager menu.
  • In the Task Manager menu, head over to the Performance tab and observe the Resource Monitor.
  • Find ehPrivJob.exe among the list of processes, then hit End Task button next to it, and then press OK.
  • Now you have to restart your computer to let the changes happen.

2. Try Turning Off Windows Features

Turning Off Windows Features

In this popular fix, you can disable the Digital Tuner Device Registration Application by turning it off from the Windows features.

  • Open the Control Panel on your computer by pressing the WIN key or search Control Panel in the start bar.
  • Open Programs and Features settings in the control panel menu. Then head over to Turn Windows Feature On or Off option.
  • Scroll down until you see Windows Media Center, uncheck the button next to it, hit OK.
  • Then restart the PC to apply the new settings to it.

3. Try Disabling The Scheduled Tasks

If you are a windows geek and have been facing this problem, you must have noticed a process named “ehdrminit” is majorly responsible for causing the error behind the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application.

If you disable this task somehow, you can quickly get rid of the Tuner Device Registration error. Though fixing the mistake this way might not be easy, but this method works like a charm if done wisely.

  • In the start menu of your windows, try searching Task Scheduler Option in the Search Bar.
  • Here, you have to look for Task Scheduler Library Option in the search results, once you find it, click over it.
  • Now open the Microsoft folder in it and find the task named ehdrminit in it.
  • Once you find the task, you have to disable it. Then you can close all the open folders on your PC.
  • Then, restart your PC to let the changes happen.
  • Make sure, and you follow this step carefully, if you disable, remove or mistype a file name in the library, it can lead to other errors. So, better be careful with these options.

4. Try Deleting The DRM Folder

Deleting The DRM Folder

Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls and manages all the copyrighted material within the windows. Altering the rights of registry files in the DRM folder can also help you in fixing the error.

  • Open File Explorer on your PC
  • Now open Data Folder from the list of the Program Options.
  • Open the Microsoft folder and then hit the Windows button.
  • In this option, you have to select DRM, and you can delete it entirely.
  • Once you restart the PC after it, you can check whether changes were made or not.

5. Try Uninstalling The TV Tuner

If you are not willing to use your PC to watch TV programs via a cable ever, then why would you be suffering from this error and trying hard to fix it with such complicated solutions.

Better, you remove or uninstall the TV Tuner itself. There would be no smoke if there would be no fire.

  • Open Control Panel on your PC.
  • Open Programs and Features menu from the list of buttons in the Control Panel.
  • Now hit on Uninstall a Program Option.
  • Find the TV Tuner in the list of installed programs. It might be there with the name of its maker company also.
  • Once you identify the Tuner in the list of Installed Programs, you can Uninstall it from right here.
  • After the uninstallation completes, restart your PC and enjoy the fix. As there would be no tuner, no other registry application will mess up with your system resources.


Here we have mentioned many ways to fix the error, but it solely depends on you which one suits your needs best.

If you want to enjoy the TV tuner as well as the system performance when the tuner is not in use, you can opt for a temporary disable of registry application.

If you want to enjoy tuner most of the time, you can simply make it lighter by keeping the channels scanned, then disabling the application.

And if you are not in a mood to use any TV tuner ever, you can get rid of both the tuner and the registry application forever.

Apply these measures and remove the application!


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