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Top 10 Hamachi Alternatives for vital LAN Gaming

This amazing idea came to existence through the virtual LAN creators which has come up with some Hamachi alternatives.

Do you love gaming and you are a gamer from heart? Have you got fed up while playing online with unknown strangers?

Most of the online games are running on the concept of online local multiplayers. Now, you no longer need to hook up to the internet for playing games.

Being a gamer, you must know that how exciting it is to play a multiplayer game with real-time experience.

The excitement level increases more when your game partners are not strangers but your own friend.

If you want to play with your friends in the same room and share funny remarks over headphone where you can share instructions of the game with each other, then you need to create your own virtual LAN connection to ally without single distraction.

Know about Hamachi and Hamachi Alternatives

Hamachi was the first virtual LAN hosting software and it has been in the gaming globe for long a time.

It has become most demanding and preferred choice for many passionate gamers around the world.

Sometime, every company has to face some trouble and also has some drawbacks. As the same way, Hamachi has also come across some drawbacks.

Hamachi supports the multiplayer games alternatives and this could be the best tool for all multiplayer’s lovers.

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Below are the top 10 Hamachi alternatives options which you can use for a great virtual Lan Gaming experience.

1. ZeroTier

Zerotier is certainly is one of the best and simplest advanced virtual LAN creators from Hamachi alternatives for creating own vital LAN, as well as it promises low ding, easy interface and fabulous working for gaming.

ZeroTier can be run on almost all OS including MacOS, Windows, IOS, Android and Linux. You must try zero tier for virtual LAN gaming.

2. GameRanger

Game ranger is one of the trustworthy and demanding LAN gaming for Hamachi alternatives.

It has an unparalleled level of security. Reason is simple – game ranger does not utilize diverse drivers to emulate LAN gaming but achieve internally the same through its client.

Game Ranger has a plus point.  It consumes very low pings. And the security level does not change, it remains a high security.

But there is another fact that Game Ranger supports to some selected games.

3. Wippien

If you’re one of that gamer who does bother to install needless huge inflate into their systems then Wippien is best option for you.

Wippien is easier and simple to use and in order to establish a VPN, Wippien alternatives uses the weonlydo wodVPN component to establish a P2P connection with their clients.

This application can work well only with Gmail or Jabber accounts while it doesn’t support other email source for registration.

The best thing is that this software needs to install only 2MB. You can use this for any multiplayer game.

4. Play Together

Play together is an exclusive podium. Here you will not have to forward ports. This is just similar to Hamachi.

The platform is very secure because players have the option to not join a public server and host their own server.

No stranger can join your server without your permission. Users can lock server with a password so that no one can join the game.

With Play Together, you can also host a maximum of twenty fiver servers that too in a single region. Don’t worry! You will not be charged for that.

5. FreeLAN

FreeLAN is widely used by gamers around the globe to create their own virtual private network. A gamer can create many types of networks which includes hybrid, P2P and client server.

A fact about FreeLAN is that you will have to go through the procedure of manual configuration to create a server and run applications.

FreeLAN does not offer any GUI to its user, but it is worth using.

6. SoftEther

SoftEther is the abbreviation for Software Ethernet. SoftEther is a very renowned and powerful VPN software. In fact, it is a type of multiprotocol software for VPN.

The software has lots of features to offer to its users. It is an open source software use SSL VPN Tunneling on secured HTTP.

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Through this procedure, it can easily cross firewalls. The software is completely free and easy to use.

7. Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is another renowned Hamachi alternative for virtual LAN.

This software offers unlimited game users on a single network and it also offers high level of speed Upto 100 MBPS along with low number of ping issues with its benefits.

8. NeoRouter

NeoRouter is a zero setup VPN that gives chance to users to create and oversee private and public server over internet.

It offers improved web protection and cleans out a limited number of websites by dominant users IP address from one VPN server.

9. NetOverNet

NetOverNet creates an IPN (Instant private network) between users. It is much easier like to chat with client and easy to adjoin and eliminate users.

NetOverNet configures itself according to user’s system setting and connection details.

It allows users to play game online with high security. Once you create your account or register will get fabulous LAN gaming experience.

10. Cisco VPN

Cisco VPN is one of high demanding Hamachi alternative for vital LAN gaming and this software support windows and MacOS.

This software help you to get stable internet connection and low pings while on the VPN server. It is most secure and supports multiple players over the network.


In this article, we have discussed the best Hamachi alternatives.

No doubt Hamachi is good and popular PN service provider but users always seek for new and better options some of which we listed above.

We hope you will get happy after checking useful given alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. Thanks for giving us your valuable time. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback!



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