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Best 10 Sites to read One Punch Man Webcomic

One Punch Man Webcomic is a very famous webcomic that gained popularity in a short time. The comic went viral, and not only kids but also adults enjoyed it. The comic came into existence in 2009 and got famous all over the world.

It is a Japanese anime that people enjoyed all over the world. However, the major problem with the manga is that it is not available very easily, so if the person wants to read now, then they would have to go through different sites to gain access.

The list of best 10 sites to read one punch man webcomic:

1. MangaPanda

Among the numerous sites offering one punch man webcomic, this one is the best of all. The site has a poor layout, but the magazines that it provides are worth looking at. The final results of the pages of the comic would be clear and readable.

The person can read the pages with any hindrance because it does not have any watermarks or resizing issues. The pages are clean, and they provide fast loading speed, which would help in enjoying the series to the fullest. Moreover, the website offers such things for free.

2. MangaFox

Manga fox offers free viewing of one punch man webcomic. It allows online reading as well as downloading the comics. So, you can download the comics and read them whenever you like to read.

The site covers almost all the manga for free and allows the user to scroll through the site. However, the only problem is the ads that the site provides.

There are too many ads, and that would irritate you while reading. However, free content is tough to find, so you can use the website for the comic.

3. Viz

Viz is the official platform that provides one punch manga webcomic along with much other manga. The platform would enable easy reading of the comic along with making it easy to surf also.

So, even if you are confused about which comic to start then, you can start by surfing the internet.

However, the website is the official platform, and so it is paid. You would have to pay some reasonable price for the manga, but that would help you in reading the comic without any issue.

4. Watchopm

The website offers one punch man webcomic for free, and you would be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your house. The site does not contain any irritating ads and would flow the content smoothly for free.

Moreover, it has a menu option that helps in surfing through the website for the best comics. So, you would not have to worry about searching for the comic because it would be easy to find.

However, the only problem is with translations. Many times, the comic would not get translated to another language, which might create issues for the reader. So, if you are comfortable with the language, then this is the site for you.

5. Jaimin’s Box

The site has the benefit of being simple and easy to understand. So, that would help in reading the one punch man webcomic online without any issues. However, the site offers numerous other options that would help in improving your reading experience.

The site offers the option of online reading as well as downloading the comic. So, you would be able to download and read the comic offline after some time on your PC.

However, the major benefit of the site is that it offers all the chapters without cutting anything. Thus, the person would be able to enjoy the comic without any issues.

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6. Comixology

The ComiXology is an online platform, and the person can enjoy one punch man webcomic without any issue. The site is an official platform as it is a part of Amazon. The comics available are original and would have anything skipped in it.

However, the comics are not free, and you would have to pay for it. There is a subscription plan that provides unlimited access to the comics, and you can also opt for a 30-day free trial. However, such major benefits are important for every person who is a fan of such comics.

7. Manganelo

The main issue with a reading webcomic is the changing of the page at each point. So, the best way would be to read the one punch man webcomic on Manganelo site. The site offers almost all the comics for free, and also, you would not have to change the pages.

The site provides the option of scrolling so that you can access the pages in the web page itself. The comics are tough to obtain from stores, and so you would have to use such websites to read them. Thus, this would be the best website for reading the webcomic.

8. MangaLife

The site provides access to one punch manga webcomic for free. It is very tough to enjoy such comics because they usually cost very high rates. However, the best way to read would be through online sites.

The site offers many other benefits; for example, they have categorized all the manga in different categories.

The site has sorted the manga in the form of their airing time. However, the main benefit is that you can search according to your requirement and enjoy the manga without any issue.

9. KissManga

Many free sites have made it mandatory to register yourself before scrolling. However, registering through the mail would lead to annoying emails that the person usually doesn’t want.

So, the best way would be to use this website that offers one punch manga webcomic for free. The website does not ask for any registration, and you would be able to use the site without any issue.

However, the major problem would be with the ads that keep on disturbing the reading. The free site has to take up the ads for earning, so we have to read it with ads only.

10. Readopm

The readopm would help you in reading the one punch man webcomic. The site does not offer the manga, but it provides different sites for reading. The site has almost all the manga, but they would have to read through some other reference site.

The sites mentioned would offer reading for free, and you would not have to deal with scrolling through Google for more sites. Thus, the availability of the site is very important for the person if they want to read the site without any issue.


Thus, there are many manga readers around the world, and they would find it difficult to find some site that would provide all the manga. However, not all the sites are free, but there are some sites that offer the webcomic at very low rates.

Thus, the reader can choose any of the sites that are mentioned above and utilize their reading time to read the correct book.

The books are important for the fans because they would not want to miss out some something. So, the best way would be to scroll through the above sites and choose the one that is suitable for reading.



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