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Looking for Showbox Alternatives? Stop here for Best Apps like Showbox

For times like now, when everything is available in your pocket, Showbox helps you entertain freely. At the same time, other similar apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar charges a monthly fee. There are many apps like Showbox, which we will explore later in the article. 

Apps like Showbox that allowed its users to watch thousands of movies, shows, sports, etc. for free. The app has an umpteen amount of entertainment, and that’s all for free. You just need to install it on your mobile, and you are in for a great viewing experience.

Showbox also streams through torrents, and this is why the app has some pirated material, which is why the app is no longer available on Google Play Store for obvious reasons. You can still download it from various third party websites that provide its APK.

Regarding its safety, some believe that it’s not safe for use; however, experts and users around the world found it entirely safe for users.

Why is the Showbox app so popular?

If I have to cherry-pick some of the reasons they are as follows:

  • Besides so many movies and shows and everything, the app didn’t charge anything.
  • You don’t have to bother finding the links of your favorite shows or movie and ended up doing surveys and finally got zilch. On Showbox, it’s as easy as you imagine.
  • It is safe and taking care of your privacy.
  • Subtitles are available for movies and TV series.
  • Last but not least humongous library of movies, shows, and other entertainment.

Now for every Batman, there is a Robin; similarly, there are many alternatives apps like Showbox, which can consider in place of Showbox for different reasons. Further, we will find out why sometimes the alternative saves the day.

From a long list of other options, we choose some with excellent performance and a vast library. The list is in no definite order; we listed them randomly. 

1. Playbox HD

Consider as one of the best alternatives apps like Showbox, the app design has many similarities like Showbox, and it works on both Android and iOS.This app also contains a large amount of HD data, and it is free. 

2. Popcorn Time

One more app which probably better or most similar apps like Showbox.

Having a library of lifetime runtime which never exhausts if you even binge-watch for years. This app supports Android, iOS, as well as Linux platforms.

Another specialty of this app is that you can change its interior as you like it.

If you did not know the language of the movie or show, no problem, this app also offers subtitles in many languages. This app also supports Smart-TV.

3. Freeflix HQ

The thing which makes this app different from others is that Freeflix is ads-free, there is no pop up add when you watch your favorite movie or show.

This app also features cartoons and anime, which make this app a step ahead from its alternative. Live sports action is also available on the Freeflix HQ Pro app. 

4. Mobdro

Simplest app out there of its kind. In other ways, a healthy app, one must say.

Like other apps, it also has a vast library to choose from under its belt with one of the most diverse collections from Movies to Spiritual videos, from Shows to Sports, Podcast, and News everything is there, a one-stop solution for all of your entertainment.

Some other coolest futures to enjoy, like recommend videos and let your friends know what you are streaming.

Download movies and watch them offline, discover videos from all around the world and watch them anywhere anytime. 

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5. TubiTv

The app had a perfect time when it comes to rating. It got a four-plus score and considered one of the best alternatives apps like Showbox, with thousands of movies streaming for free.

It also has an ad-free viewing experience. No subscription needed, and the app is free. It has a sizeable versatile collection of worldwide productions. 

6. Moviebox

Talking about a doppelganger, there is one.

Moviebox has the most similar alternative apps like Showbox, though one thing which is not identical in its library, it is not as par as Showbox, most of it content in HD.

This app also downloads through the APK file and easy to use. 

7. Cartoon HD

As the name says, this app also has a wide range of cartoon movies and shows for kids, along with the wide variety of HD movies and shows.

Another feature of this app is it provides ‘Kid Mode,’ which makes it safe and easy to use for kids.

All films, series, and cartoons have subtitles within them. Like other apps, this app is also free to use.

8. 123Movies

This is the most popular streaming site and one of the oldest among other similar platforms.

This platform needs no sign-up or payment for use.

With one of the largest and unique libraries of films and TV shows, this platform is one of the best alternatives to Showbox.

Rumors are that this platform is not safe to use, but there is no concrete proof for that, so until it is available to enjoy and have a good time streaming on 123Movies. 

9. MovieRulzFree

We never support piracy of anything in any way, but that doesn’t mean we did not provide information about one of the largest movie streaming platform.

It consists of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and every other film industry. We did not promote piracy in any way; this is just info about the Movierulz.

10. Stremio

One of the coolest app out there in the leagues of big players like Showbox and others.

This app provides you with a private library where all your movies and shows synced. Live TV is also available on this streaming app, with subtitles on demand.

With fast customer support, this app also keeps you inform about new movies or TV shows. So next time, when you are Google for an alternative of Showbox, remember Stremio is the answer.

11. Morpheus TV

As complicated its name sound, the app is that much fascinated to subscribe and use.

From movies to TV Shows, it has everything, but one thing which makes it stand alone from others is this app also has a fantastic feature of streaming LIVE TV shows from around the world.

It is easy to install and an excellent alternative to Showbox on Android. 


Another app with plus four-ratings, the app thoroughly deserves the rating. It has that kind of feeling which only high quality with top-notch facility app has.

The contents are broad and varied with filters to help you found what you want to watch, which makes it easy and time saver.

Above all of that, this app works like a flash if you have a good internet connection, which converts your experience of watching a fine and swift one. 

13. Sony Crackle

This app made to the list like a silent contender, though it did not have that much of data like others or versatility, it has quality stuff and a whole collection of movies and TV shows.

Subsidized by SONY, this app offers you a great binge-watching of movies slightly older but not easy to find on other sites.

14Pocket TV

Like the name suggests, all worlds’ entertainment in your pocket. That’s how natural and healthy your experience of streaming becomes with this app.

It has 100 plus LIVE HD channels and an extensive collection of movies.

Streaming from about all the genres and languages and that too without any cost.

This app also helps to reduce your data usage when you are using this app through optimization, and I believe this reason is enough for this app to be in this category of alternative of Showbox.

15. Megabox

Last but not least, being a movie freak, it is not easy to select one streaming platform from so many alternatives available today.

In such a condition, an app that displays its content handsomely to make the selection for you swift this is what you want; also, this app is flawless.

You should select whatever resolution you want. There is just one thing this app has, and that is many ads running during your streaming, which make it slightly less favorite from others.


So I hope this info helps you choosing alternatives of Showbox and make your streaming experience exceptional and secure.

For me, who is a big fan of binge-watching movies and especially TV shows, it’s difficult to choose from so many platforms, but you have to find one which fits all your needs and which is swift.

Feel free to use this info and find your soul-mate streaming platform.

Last, we did not support piracy in any way, and this article is just the information on various apps and platforms. Have safe and entertaining streaming. Thanks



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