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Best 15 Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Anime sites can bring an abundance of joy to those who love anime to the most. For watching high quality and latest series for cartoons, there are numerous anime streaming sites available.

With the help of these anime streaming sites, you may not only watch anime online free but also give you the ultimate experience of best anime streaming sites.

When we talk about these streaming sites, we see all members of the community take interest no matter old or young. Even there are many names so popular in anime like Bleach, Naruto, Dragon, and many more. 

So if you are looking for the best anime sites then your search ends here, we are available with almost 15 sites with the complete information about all these running online anime sites in the present world.

Best 15 Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

1. Kissanime

Very first in the list is Kissanime.

If you are eager to know what is unique in this site to be counted as a topmost, then let us tell you that this is the first site ever, which started HD anime stories.

Also, it allows its viewers to access different anime shows easily.

Exciting to explore here that people can watch their favorite anime shows in any video quality from 240p to 1080p depends upon the choice.

Variety in the shows like Romance, Action, Comedy, Horror, Adventure, etc. and that also with English subtitles or dubbed features available on this site. Due to these all reasons, this site is considered one of the best anime streaming sites

2. Ani.me

One of the latest in the field of animation websites that contains all the state-of-art anime movies and also the new movie collection.

One of the good things using this site is, it is free from all the unnecessary commercials and only the limited availability of the advertisement to make run of the story smooth.

3. Hulu

Founded by the famous Walt Disney Company, this anime streaming site provides video-on-demand options.

However, this site is not available free of cost, and you need to pay the minimal fee and also a kind of registration.

One of the fascinating facts about the site is that it provides HD mode and quality posters and animation for the viewers.

Further, that creates advanced interest in the story. At the same time, this website belongs to all genres and for all age groups. The picture clarity attracts all benefit at the same time. 

4. Anime Season

With the inbuilt qualities of safe mode without any virus interference, this site is the need of the hour. Also, this anime provides the stories and animated videos completely free of cost.

One of the fascinating things is that the site needs no registration, so without giving any of the information related to your social accounts, you may go into the website and watch your favorite videos.

However, the site may have some of the popup messages and cookies that may mar the influencing experience of the viewer.     

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5. Masterani

One of the most beautiful things on the site is that it has an excellent user interface.

All the options and buttons are so user friendly that they need not get puzzled or to ask any expert for opening any opportunity. All the videos and posters are in HD quality for sure.      

6. Sidereel

One of the oldest anime websites and very much popular in the market, Sidereel provides all the stories free of cost.

You need to create an account, but account making is free of charge without buying any monthly, quarterly, or yearly package. You can watch even loads of anime movies anywhere, anytime.    

7. Anilinkz

If you are quite active and want to update always for almost everything, then this site is meant for you.

Embraced with all the latest stories and videos are the main subjects available on this site. You can also check the animation stories about the current happenings and that clearly and entertainingly.

However, you may get the latest commercials on this site as the latest stories are always coupled up with the latest advertisements.

But you need not be disturbed about this thing because the ads will not halt your link to the story until up to you will not click on the extra options.     

8. VRV

The owner of the site is Otter Media. Loaded with almost all categories of anime videos online on this page, present you the continuous and frequent fun and joy while watching this.

This is one of the best streaming apps for anime lovers and the people who like to watch animated videos. Not only animation, but you may also get to see other types of videos on this site.

It’s overall the perfect choice for all the story lovers.  

9. GoGo Anime

We know that the animation videos are the invention of Japan and it reaches us with some of the editions through streaming sites.

However, if you want to enjoy the entertainment directly from Japan to your movie device, then GoGo Anime is one of the best options ever.

This streaming site is meant for all age groups and genres. Also, the videos supplied from this site are playable on a simple video player, even with the autoplay feature.

This is also an option for the people who want to watch animation free of cost. 

10. Ryuanime

No matter you are new to the anime world and you do not know how to use the animation sites, Ryuanime helps you to work so natural and quite useful.

This site provides a random button that means for all buttons and options.

Wherever you are if you click on the random button that helps you to start the animation journey.

This site has almost all the videos subtitled in English and dubbed in the regional languages. However, there are also the hindrances of fewer advertisements.

11. Horrible Subs

Significantly playing a vital role in the anime world, the horrible site subs is known as the most convenient site for anime lovers. It is the site in the real sense that provides Anime free of cost.

The one and the strong line for this site is it is a straightforward site for animation videos. This site is known as a much-updated site and gets updated now and then.

Despite the updates, this site provides less space due to the heavy load of viewers.  

12. VIZ

One of the old sites but still popular due to its enhanced features and likings by the anime lovers.

It is super amazing because it recollects the memories of old videos as well as the collection of new videos. The most exciting thing is, it has its inbuilt library where it holds all the videos. 

13. Amazon Prime

With the plethora of animated videos, this site is top-rated among all genres. No matter what you want to watch, it will just bring the results in front of you in the click of the button.

They are super intelligent to provide the viewers with the exact version of the Japanese series. Besides this, the site is very regular for all the updates on time. However, the quality of the videos is not up to the mark.  

14. Dubhappy

As the name is well suggested, a viewer can have the exact and fast response of dubbed videos in this anime streaming site.

And also, all the dubbed series are available with updated versions. The app provides free of cost content with no hidden charges.

Also, you need not create an account for the same, and without registration, you may enter into it to enjoy any series of your choice.

Also, the site provides you the opportunity to connect with different people of the same interest by using its chat option.   

15. Netflix

As we are well known for the video reach and the quality of Netflix for watching all types of movies.

However, the developers of this site are very active, and by watching the popularity of anime movies, they took no time to fill the box with animated films.

It has large anime files that are more than sufficient for any old user. It has good content with HD quality and without unnecessary advertisements.    

Wrapping up, it may be said that if you are an anime lover and want to get handy the best anime sites, then your search ends here, and you need not surf the net for any other pages for any other websites. 

We hope this was useful to you. Do share your views with us and tell us which site do you like the most? 

Keep Enjoying!



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