The Chrome web browser uses CRDOWNLOAD file as a temporary file extension.

Chrome Partial Download files are called files with this extension, so seeing one means not downloading the file altogether.

Google’s Chrome browser exploits the extension of the .crdownload file name for files that are in the process of download.

These files are typically incomplete, so they will not start when the user simply deletes the crdownload extension.     

In other words, Files containing the extension of the .crdownload file are associated with internet browser Google Chrome.

The files with the suffix for the .crdownload file store the contents of partial downloads of files conducted with the Web browser Chrome.

Google created the internet browser Google Chrome to compete with other popular website browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it was released in 2008.

When a file is downloaded from the browser Google Chrome Web, the incomplete download will be saved with the file extension of .crdownload until the download process is completed.

Once the download is finished, the browser will rename the file with the appropriate file extension.

Why it is created?

If there are .crdownload files, and the browser does not load anything, this could mean a loading error occurred during previous Google Chrome sessions.

Though the browser will automatically delete such failed downloads in most cases, it may not do so in some situations (system error, unexpected power off, etc.).

Such .crdownload files can be deleted because they are majorly useless.

However, it is always best to start with the browser Google Chrome. Before you start removing it manually, it is always essential to let it decide what to do with it.

Google Chrome creates a temporary .crdownload file whenever you are downloading something using the browser that contains information that has already been downloaded and automatically renames it to its “original” name once the file is fully downloaded.

However, in some cases, this may not happen with browser “departures” or download errors, and you will then have an incomplete download .crdownload file stored on your computer.

How to open .CRDOWNLOAD File Extension?

.crdownload file

If you can’t open the file on your computer then the download will not be complete. So go to Google Chrome download manager again and retry the download.

If that doesn’t help yet, please install an online Chrome Download Viewer. 

CRDownload Reader Tool Features –

  • You can open and view File for CRDownload
  • Can copy the original URL for download
  • Can easily resume & start downloading
  • You can also read File Contents from CRDownload
  • Search and explore File Information from CRDownload
  • Supports Windows operating systems up to Version 10

Simple Steps to Open CRDownload –

1. Run the tool on your PC and choose the file CR to open

2. Look at the CRdownload file with the essential information required

3. Copy the URL

4. Restart and resume downloading

5. Next, to preview the downloaded file in the raw format, click File Content.

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When You Can Delete the File?

You can are free to delete the file any time and if there are no downloads currently in progress, then you do not have to resume downloading using the file, go ahead and delete it.

When you no longer need it you will want to delete the .crdownload file.

For example, in case you are checking your Downloads folder, you at times check files named video (1).mp3 and video.mp3.crdownload, and then you can delete the one that is ending with .crdownload.

That is simply a download file which you don’t need to actually download.

If you see an old .crdownload file for a file, you can without worry delete it, the one who have tried to download a long time ago.

This could happen if you do not regularly clean up system and overlook your Downloads folder.

If you are trying to download a file, and go back to see a file later, it is still sitting in your Downloads folder. The file was not downloaded (or is still downloading) correctly.

You can then proceed back to Chrome’s download manager to retry the download. The .crdownload file also offers a reminder that you were particularly downloading a file which wasn’t successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can you easily open CRdownload File?

Ans1. Run the viewer tool on CRDownload and click on the file to view it easily.

Q2. Is this tool compatible with all Windows operating systems?

Ans2. The tool can be run on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 , Vista, XP and so on.

Q3. Can I use that tool to open any other file?

Ans3. With the tool you can open graphics images , text, data, email format and archive files.


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