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People always get tired because of the workload at their job, and when they return home, they expect to have some mental peace.

However, the laziness grips them, and they end up staying in bed. So, the best utilization of time while staying in bed would be to watch the series.There are many different types of content available in such a series, and that would help in spending time effectively.

However, the problem with the series is that you might not take out time to watch them regularly, and you might miss some episodes.

Thus, the best way would be to use the website called that can help you in streaming all the episodes at any time.

Why use


The major benefit of such sites is that the person can enjoy the series at any time and anyplace. They just have to log in to the account and start streaming. Moreover, people usually want free sites that can help them in watching the series.

Thus, can provide free streaming at the expense of watching advertisements that stream on the site. Thus, the person can save themselves from the headache of paying for channels that they might not see daily.

However, there are many other websites that can help them in streaming the series and which are similar to

10 Best Sites Like are:

The main problem with is that it does not provide the option of downloading the videos, and you would have to watch them online.

Thus, these features create major traffic, and there are instances when it is not possible to load the site.

The loading problem often irritates the person, and so you do not need to go elsewhere to search for an alternative. We would provide you with an alternative here itself.

You can find the 10 best sites which are similar to in the list below.



The website of TUBI TV is similar to that of They provide online streaming of all the series as well as some movies for free.

Moreover, you would not have to go through the difficulties of creating an account and wait for it to load.

The site provides a free view to every guest that visits the site. It also filters all the shows with the name of the genres, so that makes it easy to scroll and search for the desired show.

You can also create a playlist of the shows that you want to watch, but that feature is available only for registered users.



ShareTV is one of the sites that are similar to The sites offer all the TV shows without cutting any part.

Moreover, there would be many cases where you would not find the complete episode. They pride themselves on providing the full material for free.

However, you have to view some ads that are streamed in between the shows because of the free version. The website loads easily and does not create any problem while watching the series.

However, the major disadvantage is that it does not provide the option of watching movies, and only TV series are available on the site.



The major benefit of the TVPLAYER is that it would provide bifurcation for movies and TV shows.

So, you can select the respective item on the main page of the site and then move further. However, the site only provides the option of online streaming and not downloading.

You would get full episodes from first to the last without any issue, and that would help you in enjoying the shows. Moreover, it provides the series in all the languages. So, you can watch all the international shows without any problem.



The Sidereel website offers many different types of shows, which would be more than 25000, and you can enjoy them without any issues.

It would provide online streaming, and there would not be an issue of loading. Moreover, the major benefit of the website is that it can be accessed through mobile also.

It has a mobile application for all the operating systems. Thus, this feature enables the benefit of watching movies at any time without any issue. However, the major drawback of the site is that you need to register on the website before watching or streaming any TV shows.

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5. FlixTor


The FlixTor website is similar to, and the person can enjoy the features of the site without any issue of loading.

The site has thousands of TV shows, and they are available at any time on the site. You can keep track of your shows by compiling the list in the tab called ‘my list.’

The site would provide the new episodes very quickly, and also, you would be able to stream them without any difficulty.

The site would not ask for registration, and you can watch the full episodes of all the series without any issue. However, there are many other benefits of using the site for watching TV shows.

6. TVMuse


TV Muse is similar to in many ways because it offers many benefits over the other sites. The site has a good streaming speed that would help you in staying connected at all times without any issue.

Moreover, it would not ask for registration, and you can stream your favorite shows at any time. The major benefit of the site is that it provides a TV schedule.

There are times when the person is not able to decide on the shows that they want to watch. So, in such cases, the site would help in deciding the shows based on the TV schedule and other information.

Thus, you would be able to get the benefit of knowing the number of episodes and series that are currently being streamed on TV and decide on watching the episodes accordingly.

7. LiveStation


Live Station is similar to, but it has many other benefits. It not only provides TV shows but also offers many other types of shows. You can watch sports and other live shows that you would not be able to watch otherwise.

The site is very useful because it would not have any problems with loading and you can watch it without any issues.

Moreover, the quality of the videos would be good, and you can watch all the episodes. The episodes would be available season-wise, and you would not have to go on a search for them because they would be arranged based on the genres.

Thus, these things make it easy for the person to watch TV online.

8. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is a simple and young website. It is similar to because of the streaming quality that it offers. However, the website has very fewer options, and still, you would be able to reach the desired episode on time.

The site is new, so many people would not use it, and that increases the streaming speed. However, the other benefit is that it would not ask for registration, and you can enjoy the site without any issue.

Thus, the person can any show at any time and any place. Moreover, the site would provide full episodes for all the TV shows.

9. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

The site opens instantly and uses very less time to scroll through all the options. The site has the benefit of filtering the content with the help of tabs created for different genres.

Moreover, they provide all the content easily and quickly.

The new episode or movies that release today would be easily available in a short time tomorrow. Thus, the site has gained a lot of popularity, and you can stream any show at any time. The site offers online streaming and that too without registration on the site.

10. Yidio


Yidio TV has a very simple menu, which helps in easy scrolling.

The site has many benefits, such as easy selection through the filtered tabs, and you can watch the schedule of every movie. The site would provide online streaming with the best quality videos.

Thus, you would be able to relax and catch up on all the series that you have missed. The person would not require to register on the site to watch different movies.

However, some movies might be available for premium users only, but the database is so huge that you would get many things at less price.


Thus, there are many sites that are similar to that provide almost all the TV shows without any issue.

Online streaming would make the watch experience beautiful, and if the streaming videos have good quality, then it would be very beneficial for everybody.

All the websites listed above would help in viewing the shows as well as movies without any delay and problems.

Thus, the different sites would provide different features that can help in viewing almost all the shows without any issue.

So, even if you have missed some shows because of time issues, then you can catch up on it later when you have free time.


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