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Looking for Kissanime Alternatives, here are the top 12 options.

Gone are the days when cartoons and other animated soap operas were the need of children. Now comes the time when the whole world is seriously interested in animated series and the polished version of so-called cartoons.

People from each age group include this in their hobby to watch the animated series. However, when we talk about the exciting sights for these series, there are lots of many options available rather than kissanime, or we have kissanime alternatives.

Here are Top 12 Kissanime Alternatives for Anime Lovers:

1. Crunchyroll


One of the most likable alternate to Kissanime is Crunchyroll. One reason why the site is accepted and used by almost is the providence of subtitles in English or dubbed in the international language.

It gives ease to the natives to understand the theme and full story, no matter or what language they speak.

Besides this, the visual quality carries a 720p tool that gives a soothing watch experience to the viewers.

Also, the site requires a straightforward process to achieve its entertain is to just register one time simply with the use of your active e-mail id.

At the same time, this site can also be accessed to Wii U, Chromecast, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and 4, Apple Devices, Roku box, Windows, and Android phones.

The language may also be translated into English (US and UK), Español, Português (Brasil and Portugal), Français (France), etc.

2. Anime-Planet


One another widely used animation site to watch animations online is Anime-Planet. To make browser experience better, it offers an exclusive interface.

The main attraction is its home page that contains the information of all the recommendations, newest and most popular anime for today.

The website has a vast collection of Anime, including old, unique, and dubbed Animations. It’s your wish you can direct go to the video series, or you can create an account to make your favorite list by selecting the series from the tub.

This may also enhance your experience for the website. This website is also commercial proof so that you may enjoy the story without any breaks.

3. AnimeFreak : Best Among Kissanime Alternatives


Achieving the reputation of streaming sites online, its transfuse in it the modern way of entertainment.

Say no to registration, and you can directly access all the features available. Besides this, it contains a complete episode that you are watching.

One of the interesting things is that you can check the reviews, ratings, comments, and other episode related things just by clicking on the picture or still poster of any web series.

On the other hand, if we talk about the speed of the website, it works fine, and you are recommended to watch this with your any local internet connection. That’s why we have recomended this as Best among kissanime alternatives.

4. 9Anime


Thinking for the animated series with HD visual effects, must come into the window of 9Anime web series.

This video sharing portal is free to access and consists of a vast range of Anime movies and Series. One may also see the latest series by just clicking the “Trending Tab.”

However, if you are feeling excited to watch some old popular series, you may also filter the data by using the ‘quick filter’ option.

You can choose the date it was released and the genre accordingly. Also, pop down the website, you can see the date wise release of new episodes to keep you updated. Besides this, you can check the list of dubbed and subbed Anime from the main page.

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5. AnimeFrenzy


Known as the second sister of kissanime, it provides a wide selection of anime series. Same like other animated series, this site also provides updated data, and the data is updated almost every day.

With the inclusion of American cartoon series in its library, makes it multitalented.

For faster filtration, the contents are also well organized, and the home page is well managed with all the legal points.

One of the magical option known as “ Random” button works really wonders and especially for newcomers, who do not know what to watch.

With the inclusion of the Android option, the site is certain to be popular with many anime lovers and deserves to be the editor’s choice for kissanime alternatives.

Also, while watching, you can communicate with other Anime lovers who are re-watching the same series on the page using the chatroom.

6. Funimation


Taking the culture and stories of Japan anime, the site is also very impressive and popular among Japanese.

But never worry because the site does contain English subtitles that create fun and joy for all anime lovers.

In case you are not interested in subtitles or feel disturbance watching this, you may choose a dubbed series of your favorite one.

Funimation is restricted to some regions; however, you can use a VPN to access this anime site.

7. AnimeLab


As the log showcase “Anime fast-tracked from Japan,” the series carries an abundance of magic and high-tech dramas within.

You can stream the latest episodes as soon as not more than the delay of one hour after broadcast.

The homepage contains almost all the series in it, and each homepage posters include three buttons of Simulcast, Subtitles, and Dubbed.

So it gives a massive choice to the viewer to watch the series according to the decision.

This is also ranked as one of the Legal streaming sites. They have a giant collection of Anime across the globe and in different genres.

This web series also shows fast results in Android, iOS, Apple TV, etc.

8. Animeheaven


Fantastically designed the homepage, in an index form with all the details included, like a poster of the series, Episode number, how many minutes before broadcasted, name of the series, and the information of the characters.

Also, the stories last one or two days before are colored light to make it easy for the viewers to differentiate between the live and the old broadcastings.

Also, if you have a reliable wireless connection, AnimeHeaven can play the anime series in high quality.

One good thing about this site is that it even shows the schedule of the release of on-going anime episodes.

Regarding this option, users would not miss any of their favorite series. However, one drawback of the website is that it is loaded with multiple ads.



If we talk about the most recent site for animation, NWAnime has echoed the best answer. Promising completing your anime needs this online free series is all have what you admire.

This site is always up to date and ready to provide you the latest prevailing in the market.

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One of the majestic features of this site is, it gives the night mode view for those who prefer watching from dark places.

This is the concern for the viewers by the site holders. Besides this, it has a well organized and neat interface, with only a few buttons present.


Featured with one piece, has everything that one needs regarding the specific anime series.

This is one of the ideal web series because it contains all the episodes from the starting to the updated episodes.

One of the longest-running anime series in Japan, this series has earned all the popularity.

One of the added features is that the series has a countdown timer that shows when the next episode will be released so that the story lovers have something to look out for.    


One of the bets alternate around right now, has an impressive library of cartoons and other content.

In other words, it is also known as a better option than KissAnime. With the HD mode anime for a start, it also has an online chat that lets you share your views on anime and talk to fellow lovers.

12. AniWatcher


Popularly known as the straightforward anime website. Consisting of the team of skilled developers, they work day and night to revolutionize the watching experiences.

The home page contains some of the popular titles posted with the necessary information attached. The site also allows you to watch without paying a single penny and without giving up any personal information.  

Summing up, animated movies play well overseas-especially in China, Japan, and other Korean counties.

One unique advantage of animation over live-action is that it’s not challenging to produce voice synchronization with the visuals, and that’s the reason media and industry is moving towards animation. For that, various sites are available to continue the fun all around.

Please let us know if we missed anything in our list of kissanime alternatives in the comment section below.


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