Unlike many other sites that feature Mangas only in Japanese, MangaStream also delivers their English translations. Furthermore, the best part about this platform is that it offers free subscriptions. Thus, you can freely access your manga series without any hassle.

If you are seeking for a place to read Mangas online, then Mangafox is your best bet. The site is quite popular among Manga lovers as it offers many Japanese Mangas.

It has a user-friendly interface as it contains at least 8000 manga files. You can quickly discover new Mangas here as the site has been updated frequently. 

Is MangaStream safe to use?

Ideally, MangaStream shares content from other artists and make money from them. Though the site is quite decent, the choice of ad partner isn’t that great.

The site is also occupied with terrible on click ads. These ads are a type of scam. These ads attempt to download malware in your system. It is recommended to use Ad-blocker while accessing these sites.

Is MangaStream legal?

As mentioned earlier, MangaStream never uploads their authentic content as they don’t possess any original content. It requires a lot of effort to make a Manga comic then it seems. These sites post content without asking permission from the actual owners.

Thus, it is considered unlawful. But if you want to avoid any kind of legal action, then it is advisable to use an active VPN service while surfing on these sites.

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Alternatives of MangaStream:

1. Manga Reader

Manga Reader

It is one of the best alternatives to MangaStream. It offers a vast collection of trending Japanese Manga. The enormous amount of content isn’t limited to the site as the Manga app is also available on the app store. The site offers a rich collection of genres.

In a separate section, popular mangas are listed. However, it also provides you with updates daily basis. You are also allowed to discover a title that you want to read with the help of a search bar.

Furthermore, different anime series and the latest hentai games are also available on this alternative. You may face some irritating ads as the site is entirely free.

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2. Kissmanga


It is one of the most famous sites to read Kissmanga. The site contains a massive list of popular and trending mangas online. It is popular because it has a homepage that allows you to create shortcuts for new Mangas and popular Mangas.

Through these tabs, you can directly access these tabs. Mangas from various genres, including action, adventure, cooking, comedy, drama, tragedy, etc. featured on the site.

A summary of the mangas is also offered to be aware of the story you are looking for. The site also provides the option to stream anime series.

It is an excellent choice for anime lovers. You can also read different novels here. The site also features a community where you can interact with other readers. Thus, you can also share your favorite mangas here.

3. MangaPanda


It is one of the leading websites to read Mangas online. The site is loaded with many mangas categorized into genres, including fantasy, demons, horrors, magic, history, vampire, etc.

You can easily access your favourite style. When it comes to looks and appearances, MangaPanda is similar to MangaReader. You might get confused while scrolling these sites.

Additionally, the site delivers both new and old Mangas. Here comics are also recognized in alphabetical order. It is capable enough to draw you into another world of Mangas. It is free to use.

4. MangaHere


Is one of the best alternatives to MangaStream that provides many Mangas without asking anything in return.

The site also features a vast catalogue of many prominent Japanese sites. Unlike other sites, this site is fully optimized for mobile users.

The home page also features trending mangas.

You can also bookmark your favourite mangas so that you can read them at your convenience. Furthermore, you can discover titles as per user history.

5. MangaFreak


When it comes to hunting an alternative to MangaStream, Mangafreak is an excellent choice. It offers all your favourite mangas for free.

The registration process is also not mandatory. You can research your favourite topic and read it.

The site also provides hassle-free navigation through the homepage.

The mangas are also filtered in different categories. Some genres, including gender, superpower, military, etc. are also available. 

6. Mangago


If you want to read popular mangas for free, then Mangago is perfect for you. The site is consistently emerging as a great alternative to MangaStream.

The site also possesses a great variety of Japanese Manga series.

The mangas are well organized, based on several genres that help the readers.

As per your search preferences, your feed is managed, and also recommendations are provided to you. 

7. MangaPark


If you are willing to read outstanding Mangas, the MangaPark is a fantastic platform. The site is home to many Japanese comics as it has 100 genres of mangas.

At the beginning of each comic, a summary is also given. It allows you to get a brief introduction to your chosen title.

Furthermore, you can sort mangas based on the release date and popularity.

The site also holds an option to bookmark your favorite mangas so you can read them as per your comfort and free time. The site also contains mature content. 

8. Bato.to


One of the best alternatives to MangaStream as it is quite famous for its vast directory of Mangas.

It can be a great choice in case the latter one isn’t available at your location. The site appears complex, but it is easy to navigate through it.

You can easily find your manga comic on this site. The best part about this site is that you can search your favorite cartoon by its author’s name.

You can also customize your search preference as per your needs.

Mangas can be filtered as per style, demographic, status, chapters, ratings, and languages. It isn’t necessary to create your account.

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9. MangaWindow


The site is quite similar to MangaWindow in its appearance. The site provides free mangas to the user.

Just like other alternatives, the section possesses a fantastic library of Japanese mangas. Such a vast number of comics are organized correctly.

The site navigation is simple with its sleek and elegant interface. You can also upload your series on the site.

The alphabetical listing makes it easy for users. The website can be easily accessed anywhere anytime.

10. Mangafox


Is another site where you can read all your favourite mangas for free. The place a massive library for Manga, which is updated frequently with the latest releases.

The beautifully crafted website ensures everything is listed neatly.

The homepage features various categories for Manga, including popular and latest mangas. You can watch them without worrying about anything.

However, creating an account is also optional, so it is easy to read here. 


Thus, these are some fantastic alternatives to MangaStream, and these sites are powerful enough to keep you engaged in the browsing mangas.

You can explore the site that you find appealing. 


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