JustDubs platform is very famous among cartoons and anime lovers because it is the place where you can find whatever you like. It provides a massive variety of Anime shows, and English dubbed movies for free.

Those who love to binge-watch Anime and cartoons try hard to find a web portal or an app that can satiate their thirst for those animated stories. 

The term Anime has originated from Japan that means cartoon animation. It is different from regular cartoon forms.

Though JustDubs is a popular platform and provides all kinds of the anime genre, the site faces restrictions due to ban in a few countries or suspensions because of geo hindrance.

In such states, This site can be used over VPNs, but you know you cannot enjoy a seamless watching experience over a VPN or Proxy.

Here is a list of best JustDubs alternatives so that you can enjoy your favourite anime and movies flawlessly:

1. Anime Land


The Anime Land gives a perfect alternative to the JustDubs site. Once you browse through it, you will realize that it has a massive collection of Anime, even in ultra-HD quality.

Most people love Anime Land because of its enormous collection of anime series and movies, and it provides a user-friendly interface to help you enjoy dubbed Anime perfectly.

Just like JustDubs, you can find the latest episodes of anime series here. 

To start your journey in Animeland, you will have to create a free account, and then you can pick your favorite kind of Anime in categories.

The craziest thing about Animeland is, it runs on a freemium model, and you can enjoy all your favorite anime shows, and also you can download them to watch later.

If your internet connection is slow or unstable, the Animeland site automatically picks the quality that is compatible with your link. 

Animeland is updated frequently and has 24-hours user support. You do not need any external video player to watch Animeland content.

There is no geo-restriction, which means you can enjoy this in your country without any VPN or proxy. You can also enjoy its upgraded version with premium plans.

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2. Anime Streams

Anime Streams

The Anime Streams is another popular alternative to the JustDubs site. Its user-friendly interface, seamless watching experience, and perfectly designed website make it a favorite for millions.

You will notice that even at higher qualities, you can have faster access to anime shows. 

The recommendation feature is also houseful at lets you find the content that matches your favorite picks.

The more natural navigation schema and the graphic interface offers an excellent experience to you.

At some point, you will notice that most of the Anime shows and movies are available in the ultra-HD format on Anime Stream, so you can use it if you are facing problems accessing JustDubs.

3. Funimation


The American-origin based entertainment giant – Funimation is a hugely popular Anime content platform.

Sony Pictures holds its ownership currently, which makes it more trustworthy for the users. The experience of Sony Pictures is vast in terms of entertainment platforms. 

Presently, the site works in the US only, and you can enjoy the modern animes and the old genre of cartoons as well with subtitles feature.

You can also enjoy Anime without any commercial ads. Dubbed anime shows are also available in HD quality on the Funimation site. 

4. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll platform is a popular choice among Anime lovers and is also a freemium model.

But the limitation is, you can watch videos on 480p quality, and each of the anime episodes consists of three commercial ads in between.

To view unlimited content, you have to upgrade your Crunchyroll account to a paid one. In the paid version, you can enjoy unlimited anime shows without any ads or interruptions, even in HD formats. 

The database of Crunchyroll is regularly updated so that you never miss your favorite anime show. If we talk about its user-interface, the navigation is so smooth and allows a faster search for anime shows and movies.

You can hit the download button to save the videos to watch later, as the content would be protected on your device itself. The inbuilt video player of Crunchyroll allows you to keep the space on your device.

5. Netflix


Those who want never to miss the latest content, Netflix is one of the best alternatives to JustDubs.

This streaming platform lets users access unlimited exclusive content in HD video formats. If you are a hardcore anime lover, you will not afford to miss any material, even if you have to pay a little for it. 

In most of the free JustDubs alternatives, you will have to wait until the latest content is uploaded, but on Netflix, you will not have to wait. The Netflix platform is also available on iOS and Android devices, so if you have subscribed to it, you can watch your favorite content even while you are traveling. 

Netflix’s compatibility makes it a favorite for millions, as one can enjoy Netflix content even on set-top boxes; all you need to have to do is to subscribe to Netflix.

When Netflix started streaming Anime content, it became a popular choice among millions who wanted to enjoy anime shows and cartoon movies in ultra-HD quality without any annoying ads in between.

This platform has also added subtitles to anime movies.

6. KissAnime


Just like JustDubs, the KissAnime site offers a massive collection of Anime shows in dubbed format and with added captions.

Its classified tabs provide a massive range of entertaining content, so you never miss any kind of anime category while you browse on KissAnime.

The site is packed with useful features that let you better viewing standards. 

You can enjoy your favorite shows in high quality while having subtitles added to them. If you couldn’t find your favorite picks, you can also request content from the KissAnime. Also, you can discuss your point of view with other users on the discussion forum on KissAnime.

7. Viewster


While most of the content streaming alternatives are accused of copyright infringement, the Viewster streams movies and shows legally.

You can find a vast range of Hollywood, movies, Web series, and of course, Anime shows on Viewster. 

The site is currently accessible in more than 120 countries. The good thing is, all the content here is offered with English subtitles.

If you are easily annoyed with ads, be comfortable, on Viewster, you will have to watch fewer ads. This makes Viewster a perfect choice for millions of Anime fans worldwide.

8. GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime

The GoGo Anime will allow you to access all kinds of entertainment categories. This platform provides most of the content in the dubbed form, and even in HD quality, you enjoy a smooth streaming experience.

You do not have to sign up to watch the offered videos, and you just need to go to your browser, access the website, and browse for the content you want to watch. 

The video quality of Anime content makes it a perfect alternative to JustDubs.

With few clicks, you can have your favorite Anime on your device, as the GoGo Anime lets you download them. You can enjoy the luxurious quality of the content without any ads if you opt for a paid membership.

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9. WatchDub


In terms of the subtitles in the Anime shows, WatchDub is an excellent alternative to JustDubs. The browsing over WatchDub feels like a search engine that helps you find your desired anime show with great ease.

As you search for an anime keyword, you will find a lot of recommendations that match your searched content in the entertainment category.

The site also features an inbuilt video player. The WatchDub offers hasslefree streaming in good quality, even in dubbed forms.

10. YouTube


Of course, this is an unusual option on our list, but one cannot ignore YouTube while searching for any kind of video content, be it anime show or a cartoon movie.

YouTube is free for all types of the portal that lets you enjoy Anime in 240p to 1080p quality with a limited number of ads.

The best thing about YouTube is, this is powered by Google, thus making it capable of searching your desired shows with a few keywords.

11. TV.com

If you are fond of anime shows and movies, just switch to this website for free and enjoy your favorite shows online with incredible streaming speed.

No need to register on the site to watch the web content. Your internet connection is sufficient to entertain. 

12. Crackle


The fantastic anime website owned by Sony that streams high quality without ad videos. The site also has a non-anime collection of movies.

A single account is sufficient enough to watch online shows on multiple devices.

The website is giving its entertainment services in 21 countries. 

13. KuroAni


The list of Top 13 alternatives to the JustDubs site will be meaningless if we do not mention KuroAni in this.

This hugely popular anime portal offers a dubbed as well as a subtitled version of your favorite anime shows and movies.

They provide an extensive watching experience, and you can watch all the all-time-hits Anime on this site.

One thing that may annoy you is, this site has comparatively more ads than other free alternatives to JustDubs.

If you are using a good ad-blocker, KuroAni will become your favorite Anime portal for sure. 

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