Terrarium TV Alternatives

Looking for terrarium TV alternatives? Below are the top 10 Best Apps like Terrarium TV.

The terrarium is considered as one of the most popular and best software for online streaming. But the news that makes everybody in shock is the report released by Terrarium TV about shutting down their company.

They also released that the developers will get back their support from the application, and there will be no updated version release in the future. This news is quite sad for the online streams who rely on Terrarium TV the most.

If we look at the previous records, then there is nothing new happened this time because there are a lot of application that shut down their companies without any warning. That`s why we enlisted the top applications, which work as the terrarium TV alternatives.

Now, after the closing of this company everybody is looking for some alternatives to this application and for that, we created a report which helps you in making the right choices.

Here we discussed the Top Terrarium TV Alternatives.

1. Cinema APK

Cinema APK

The other name that is used for this application is HDMovies. It is only a few months old, and now this application becomes a major attraction for most of the online streamers.

They become this popular that even if the terrarium company comes back in the competition, then it gives a very tough competition for them.

This application has an error-free interface, and if we talk about the streaming quality, then no one can beat this application.

Link : https://cinemaapk.net/

2. Titanium TV

Titanium TV

This application is well deserving to come up with the position of the second number.

This is because if you use it, then they will give you a better experience than Terrarium TV. If you use it after using terrarium, then it will give you the same interface and option with which you are already familiar with.

They have a huge collection of movies that will binge you with their action and climax.

The best part about this TV is that it will have the proper and accurate links from which you can easily find the movie of your choice.

3. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

The starting interface of this TV is the same as the Terrarium TV. You can also say that it will look like a clone of Terrarium TV.

The features of this TV will create confusion between Titanium TV and CyberFlix TV because it will have almost the same quality as the movie as like Tutanimum will have.

But the only difference between these two TV is that CyberFlix TV has the feature of on-demand movies, mostly movies and some of the TV shows which make it quite different from the Titanium TV and increase the chances to be chosen by the users.

They update their libraries every day and try to include as many movies as they can.

4. CatMouse APK

CatMouse APK

This is one of the most in-demand applications with the support of firestick.

They have a huge library from which you can easily choose any movie and TV show according to your choice and preference.

The other best thing about this application is that they update the libraries daily, which means you can see the latest movies and TV shows with great quality.

This app includes thousands of top-quality links, and you can even stream in 1080p quality with this application.

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5. UnlockMyTV


It is another popular TV in the world of online streaming. This application s considered as the mainstream for the movies and shows.

They have a very wide range of movies which means you will never run out of the entertainment and if you are an addictive watcher then this application suits you the best.

They will provide high resolution in movies, and it is in the list of top 10 alternatives for the Terrarium tv alternatives application.

6. Kodi


This application is one of the biggest competitors of the terrarium, and now as the company got shut down then this application overcome the place of the terrarium and become one of the best alternates of terrarium application.

Along with the competition, it is also true that this application is considered as one of the top-notch applications for online streaming.

Every company has the chance to be shut down, but in the matter of shutting down, Kodi has the least chance to do so.

They also include thousands of new video add ons in their application to make it more reliable and full of entertainment.

7. TeaTV


This application was released at the time of terrarium release but unfortunately, terrarium got more popularity than this application, but as the company got shut down, this company comes into direct action and upgraded its features and interface.

Although they have the best quality interface and movie collection, if you are looking for Kodi, then we will suggest you go with them only because they are far better than this application.

But if you are not impressed with the features of Kodi, then you may visit this application. Maybe it amazes you with their other facilities.

8. Morph TV

Morph TV

This application is not very known, but if you had ever tried it, then you already know about the features.

It may have some best quality features but because they do not advertise it so this product is not much known by most of the online streamers.

The main highlight of this application is the movie on-demand feature, and we think that they have the most accurate on-demand movie feature because they will find the exact movie or show that you want to watch.

Their suggestions are very accurate and can easily jump to your wants.

9. OneBox HD

OneBox HD

This application is more popular on devices like mobile devices in place of devices like Firestick. This thing does not say that you cannot operate it on Amazon FireStick even it will have very flexible options with Amazon FireStick.

The best part about this application is the wide range of collections of movies and TV shows. Another key highlight of this application is easy to use features as you can easily watch a movie with a few clicks.

The links provided by OneBox are quite fast as compared to the other application links. You can watch the movies in 1080p format, which are hard to find in some applications. They only include the links that are clickable in place of useless links.

10. TVZion


This application is also the best alternative application of Terrarium TV. The best thing about this application is that it is fully loaded with movies and shows, which means you will never run out of entertainment.

The size of the application is less than compared to the other applications. Another key highlight of this application is a neat and clean interface.


With the final words, we conclude that here is the list of the top 10 best alternatives of Terrarium TV. We have included some of the features and some detailed information about them. 

After this company got shut down, there are a lot more new companies and applications that come up and make it level for the users with their features and facilities. So visit these applications, and we hope that you will surely like them and enjoy watching movies in them.


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