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Summary – 15 Best Anime Torrent Sites for Anime Lovers are,, HorribleSubs, AnimeTosho, Animeworldbd, AnimeTorrents, Anime Layer, 9Anime, TorrentDownloads, LimeTorrents, Shana Project, Anime Ultime, Project GXS, Torrent Z2, AniArena

So we can expect that you are desperate to get the best Anime Torrent sites. If you were facing issues in finding the best ones, then leave your worries now as here we are going to share the best 15 anime torrent sites that anime freaks will love to get.

Anime movies are quite creative, also fascinating to watch, and we all agree with this statement. These imaginary characters give a new shape to the world and add spark to the stories.

The way that our imaginations and even unexplored thoughts are given the shape of art is just outstanding to behold in these movies. Here we are presenting the list of 15 top anime torrent sites. Go through all!

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List of top 15 Anime Torrent Sites

Among the top torrent anime sites, Nyaa inevitably holds the peak place because of its amazing benefits that every user can take. Its easy-to-use interface gives the most admiring user experience.

With keywords, you can do search and even use filters to simplify the research more. It carries a vast library of games, software, music, anime, etc.

It tells you about the file size, which further helps in adjusting as per space availability on the device.


Another popular site is You can search the required torrents quite easily from its vast library.

With a user-friendly interface, you get dubbed and stubbed torrents here. It becomes troublesome to find a bad torrent on this site.

However, if we look at it’s working, then you will find it a quite well-maintained site that will satisfy you with it’s working.

3. HorribleSubs


HorribleSubs have all the capacity to meet your requirements of having any anime you want to behold. Not just it responds to your searches, it let you talk to other anime fans too by using IRC or via comments.

Here you will find the page ‘Schedule’ in which you can track the upcoming episodes & movies. From 480p to 1080p, almost all files range in these varied formats.

4. AnimeTosho


Another best site is AnimeTosho, which bestows you with all the rights to not just find your favorite anime but also lets you download it quicker than any other site.

Its users are countless because of its simple and user-friendly interface. you can find different media such as TV shows, movies, books and everything that you want.

5. Animeworldbd


Animeworldbd is an amazing platform that allows it’s users to download anime torrents easily. Within seconds, you can find and download the anime torrents on it. The interesting factor is job offers that this site provides.

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You can tap on the icon ‘Hiring’ to check which opportunities suit you and which ones you should go with.

However, another strict side of this site should also be visualized. As this site follows DMCA so as per it’s strict rules, the user can get access to only legal anime torrents through this site.

6. AnimeTorrents


AnimeTorrents is famous for presenting the latest TV shows and movies. The benefit of using this site is that it delivers high-quality anime to the users and satisfies their requirements of having access to the most interesting movies right there.

One can sort and categorize the content available on the site by different sorts of media. It lets you download the torrent files as quickly as the web connection permits you to do.

We recommend you to get this anime sharing torrent site for anime movies, and TV shows that you like the most.

7. Anime Layer


Unlike other torrent websites, this site doesn’t bring a list-based interface. Instead, it features adorably designed UI.

On the search, you will find every torrent to come with complete information, number of leechers, seeders and screenshots, etc. With all these details, it becomes pretty easier for you to get that particular torrent downloaded or not.

This is a Russian site, so the only hurdle that you will face is to have a reliance on live-translate service. Though it’s not a big obstacle, you might find it troublesome. So you can go ahead and create your account on this site.

8. 9Anime


9Anime is a streaming service and doesn’t give you the option to download the files. It’s not always possible to get the files downloaded on mobile devices.

So in that case, it becomes difficult for you to watch your favorite series right away, their streaming service can help you a ton. It’s UI offers a grid of varied available tiles, and you can pick the preferred quality by picking it right there.

After that, you just need to tap on Play to enjoy watching TV shows and movies easily there. 

9. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads is the site where you will find the best user interface and not the hectic one, as usually found in other sites.

The categories are done in several types, and one can filter those as well. It has a dedicated anime section that consists of thousands of anime torrents files right there that are placed there in 28 subcategories.

10. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents are the oldest and the most trusted website that is still winning the hearts of the users with its outstanding performance.

It is going very well and comes up with anime content’s rich section. You can find any TV show or movie easily here. Its indubitably one of the best ones that are highly useful for an anime lover.

11. Shana Project

shana project

Yet another impressive site is Shana Project that tempts you to visit over & over again to this platform for more anime content. The search bar makes it even more useful that helps you get the material of your choice quickly out there.

Many videos are in HD quality that let you enjoy the movies anytime and anywhere. This well-organized site provides super easy ways to download the files. It gives all the access to the anime community’s latest series.

12. Anime Ultime

anime ultime

Anime Ultime is catching the attention worldwide and letting the users get their best videos quickly in their devices.

This effective solution is a torrent tracker that allows the user to become a part of the anime fan community, which will let them get more content than before.

A wonderful collection can be picked on the home screen. But the only point to worry is, it might affect your system memory as it depends upon Adobe Flash.

13. Project GXS

project gxs

Another best site is Project GXS. It provides you with the whole list of available files when you search for an option.

You can download the files after selecting them from this available list. Here you can browse the titles alphabetically and get the links right away.

In the case of TV shows, you will get an overview of a particular episode and season right there.

14. Torrent Z2

torrent z2

Torrent Z2 is another site that you can’t ignore when it comes to the best ones. It offers the exact list after scanning a wide array of torrent sites.

You can find, select, and proceed with any of these that you think right. It works like Google that lets you land to desired anime torrent anytime you search for it.

15. AniArena


This site screams anime anytime and lets the users enjoy their favorite movies and shows anytime they want.

With colorful Japanese cartoon character background, it is giving enough reasons to its users to come to this site and download the videos even without signing up for the site.


These 15 sites are surely the best ones that promise for better experience quality-wise. You can take advantage of any of these sites and get the benefit by downloading the favorite videos right away.

Visit these sites and tell us in the comment section, which one gives you the best experience.


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