Looking for Mejorenvo Alternatives? Here are handpicked, best options.

In this world of technology, we all are aware of torrents, and most of us use it in our daily lives.

Even it is one of the best ways to download movies online free. Mejorenvo is one of the leading websites that provides their customer with the services of torrent and allows them to download movies free.

However, the main problem faced by the user is that this website is only available in the Spanish language, which is not understandable for most of us. This thing works as a language barrier for most users.

Here we discussed some of the best alternatives that you may prefer if you want to download movies free.

Although you can download the movies and shows only in the English language but along with the language, you can also download it in HD format:

1. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

This website is quite popular between the people, and many of us know the name of this website. This website has a wide range of collection where you can easily search for any movie you want.

The best thing about this website is the easy to use interface that can be easily understandable even for the beginners. You can also find the links that are to the point, which means there will be no links that will bluff you and take you somewhere else.

Not only movies but also you can also download eBooks, games, or shows from this website. However, you need to search for the proxies because this site will have many blockages.

2. 1337x


This website has the largest community for torrents. The best part about this website is the UI system of this website is quite simple and easy to use. You can also search for your favorite movies in the search box.

You are given at the top of the page. The highlight of this website is the clean interface because there will be no ads on the whole website, which means you can download movies with a hassle-free process of skipping ads.

For movies, you can not only use this website for music and web series.

3. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents

The main highlight of this website is the wide range of collections for movies and shows. You will get all the latest web series and movies here as they update their website daily to make their website even more updated.

You can easily find the torrents by filtering them by date, size, or several leeches. Along with the movies, you can also download games and web series from here.

The process of downloading is quite easy on this website as after clicking on the link, it will redirect you to a page, and the movies start downloading.

4. Zooqle


This is a successor of BitSnoop, which was discontinued in 2017. The main highlight of this software is they have a huge collection of movies and shows that you can find the movie very easily by just searching it on the website.

Along with the search box on the top of the page, they have the navigation option on the website from which you can easily search any movie or show. 

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5. YIFY Torrents

YIFY Torrents

On this website, you need to visit the website once for downloading the movie or show. They have a collection of the latest movies, which they update every day. You will also get the option to search for the movies or shows manually by clicking on the search option present on the top of the page.

In the search bar, you may search the movie according to the year released and the rating of the movie. You can also share your feedback with the owner to make their site better.

The main highlight of this website is the data backup feature from which you can back up the movies or shows that you want to watch later and restore them whenever you want to watch them. 

6. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

This website is quite popular between people, and this is because of the easy to use interface, which is quite similar to the Mejorenvo.

With the help of SSL protection, the users can easily download the movies from this website r if they want to upload, then also they can easily upload it on the website.

Like the other website, this website also has a wide range of movies available on their website, which they update daily.

As we discussed above that this site is quite popular between people, so if you calculate the daily traffic of this website, then it is 5 million users a day. Along with all the features, they also allow their users to do P2P sharing. 

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7. Torlock


This website provides a huge collection of verified movies. This whole website is dedicated to the No fake policy, which clearly says that all the contents and movies provided on the website are verified and original.

For every fake torrent link, they will pay the amount of one$, which makes this website authentic and original. You can find the links to movies, games, and shows on this website.

After you open this website, then you experience a very lean and managed interface, which makes it a high-class website for torrents. If we talk about the proxies, then this site may have a high number of proxies. 



This website is considered one of the most secure websites for torrenting and downloading movies online. The main highlight of this website is the easy to use interface of this website and some a clean interface.

For making the website quite simple, they created a separate section in which you can find the desired links for movies, books, and shows.

You can easily your favorite movies in the list of movies of this website because they have a very wide range of movie collections with them, and the best part about their website is that they will keep updating it every day. 

9. Extratorrent


This website has a huge collection of movies in which they included both new and old set of moves. The interface of the website is quite similar to the Mejorenvo, and this is because of the easy to use UI that it consists.

The search bar that is present on the top of the webpage will help you in making your searches accurate and easy, you can find your desired movie according to the rank, and the year released. Along with the movies, you can easily download games and eBooks.

10. MoviesFoundOnline


This website is a platform where you can download the movies free, and you can say that all your favorite movies and shows at a single place can be a perfect definition for this website.

They will provide a search bar on the top of the webpage where you can find your desired movies at a single search. 


With the final words, we conclude that here we discussed some of the best websites from where you can download movies, and if you are Mejorenvo user, then you will like them for sure. So visit these websites and download the movies in high quality. 


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