Procreate for windows

This article describes in detail about procreate for windows and its alternatives. Here are the best options available.

If you could get a layout for things, then you would be able to improve it on the ground level itself. However, that is not always possible, and so the best you can do would be to try some designing before the final setup.

The designing with hands would require an artist, and it would time consuming also. So, the best way would be using some software such as procreate for windows to draw the exact designs.

However, procreate is most compatible with the iPad, but it is paid and does not provide a free version. So, if you want to try it for windows, then it would be tough because you don’t know its level of compatibility.

Thus, the best option would be to find an alternative to procreate for windows, and the list below highlights it.

1. Krita As Procreate For Windows


Krita has been known as the perfect alternative to Procreate for windows. The software has many features that would help the person in making beautiful sketches. The sketches require more precision, which the software rightfully owns.

It also offers many features related to designing comics and other textures. It has a wheel of colors with a reference panel for making quick designs. The software can open and edit files from Photoshop.

The only drawback is with the speed of the software, and it sometimes lags, which might be irritating.

2. Corel Painter


The Corel painter is best for the people who are interested in graphics design. The app would help in making exciting designs with the help of various tools. However, the essential tools would include text boxes and other features along with the multiple shapes of varying sizes.

It would be easy to install the app on the PC, and you can work on the files from the PC very quickly. Moreover, it would also help in creating games with mind-blowing graphics for the people. Thus, the app has exciting features that can be helpful.

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3. Autodesk Sketchbook


The Autodesk Sketchbook version is compatible with desktop, and you can use it to draw various designs. The software supports the pen interface, along with the provision of multiple colors and brushes. It also supports mirror images and many other drawing options.

However, the Sketchbook has less number of brushes and settings compared to Procreate for windows. The software has natural features that would help in designing various models and provide AutoCAD solutions.

However, the person would have to get trained for the desktop version of the software.

4. Sketches by A. Tayasui


Sketches are famous for providing a very comfortable pattern for everything. The layout of the software is in such a way that you can find various things very quickly. It has many items such as pens, brushes erasers, and a unique feature called fill transfer.

The fill transfer would help in filling color in any complicated pattern and also in mixing colors. Many software demands separate colors even when you need a blend that is possible with this software.

However, there are some drawbacks, such as the size of the canvas cannot be changed, and there are limited brush customization options.

5. ArtRage


The software is similar to drawing a painting. So, if you are a fan of art and want it, then the ArtRage would be the best alternative compared to procreate for windows. There are many brushes and various combinations of colors that would help in making an original painting.

Moreover, the software has different wetness and lighting settings that would help in making the program more compatible.

However, the app lacks many tools and charge for every update, but the subjective experience would make the trial worthy.

6. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

The clip studio paint software would help painting stunning designs. The superior designs would be created with the help of a wide range of brushes and colors that the software offers.

The main advantage is that the software has a very organized menu that would help in understanding and identifying the tools even for a new user. Moreover, you can make multiple images with one paint feature.

However, the software is professional and is best suited for people who would like to draw and paint various photos. Moreover, some features can help in creating preparing paintings from multiple backgrounds.

7. Paint Tool SAI


The Paint Tool SAI is a software for beginners. The drawing software has various tools and features which are difficult to understand from the symbol. So, the best way to understand them would be by using this software.

It has a very organized panel that would help in identifying the tools and remember them with their symbol. So, you can select a device and try to draw something from it so that you can learn the basic concept of the invention.

Thus, later, if you are using any other software, then you would be able to relate to it and draw the drawings without any issue with tool identification.

8. Adobe Photoshop Sketch


People have used Photoshop for years, but if they want the features of the brush to make sketches, then the Adobe Photoshop Sketch would be the best option. The integration of the app with other apps is straightforward, and you can send photos to other platforms.

Moreover, the size of the images would be smaller, which would not delay the sending process. 14+ brushes help in creating a picture with accuracy.

However, it would be tough to use the app without extra plugins, and there are very few image editing tools. Thus, the person can use it to create a perfect design.

9. Medibang Paint

Medibang Paint

The Medibang paint can work best as a Procreate alternative for windows. This paint application would help in drawing things that are similar to nature. The final result of the painting would give stunning results.

Moreover, it has a wide range of paints and other shades that would help in making the picture even more attractive. You can also save the pallets. So, this would mean that you would not have to make the same colors again and again.

You can use the colors later because you can save them to the software. Thus, the artist and painters can use this software without any issue of being afraid of the final results.


The concept is a different kind of software. In this software, instead of drawing and sketching, the user has to focus on measurements. It is a drawing app, but it focuses on analysis. So, you would have entered the measurements, and the software would draw different figures for you.

The canvas provided by the app is huge, and you can use it to draw different types of shapes and drawings. However, the program requires a lot of operating skills, and the user has to learn correctly before using the software.


Thus, all the above-stated software can be used as procreating alternative for windows. However, some are professional software, and before using them, you can learn the basics from the more straightforward software.

Some of them are free, and some are paid. So, the versions would depend on the type of use and final design that you require in your drawing.


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