Movies and TV shows are the oxygen we breathe today. There are a lot of sources of great entertainment. Therefore, it becomes easier and more comfortable to see them at leisure. For those who want to watch content online but don’t want to spend money, streaming sites have become the right choice, and subsmovies is one of them. 

But today, it is difficult to know how reliable hundreds of these options are. Increase the reliability of streaming websites and see which sites are suitable for viewing online content. For example, dramas, genres, countries, famous IMDB, and TV series are available on the website. 

Each video displayed in HD or Cam in subsmovies. In addition to the commonly used filters, the sites offer the best IMDB estimates and suggestions based on your browsing history. You can also ask the admin to download a title if the title you want to see is not mainly available.

Top 10 Subsmovies Alternatives To watch Movies and download them

1. Openload FreeTV

Openload FreeTV

Openload FreeTV provides precisely what you need. The home page shows movies, TV shows, and all of the currently popular categories. This page also contains tools for sorting content by content type and release date. 

However, the coolest feature is that you can watch all of the Netflix content online in different Netflix categories. It also provides high resolution streaming. At the same time, the user-friendly interface is also attractive as subsmovies

Different types can be selected. It is not necessary to register to distribute content. There are many backup servers available to display content on this site, and the streaming does not stop.

2. Putlocker


Putlocker is one of the most stable and best platforms for providing free online content and is currently becoming one of the most targeted platforms.

 However, despite the changes to the field and the mirror, the exit lock refused to be released. One of the most exciting aspects of Putlocker is its abundance and diversity. 

You can watch movies and TV shows, as well as certain types of films such as anime, manga, and Asian drama. 

No ads appear on the leading site, but some advertisements can be sent from third-party sites. You can choose to stream or download videos from specific websites as subsmovies

Downloading content from third-party sites not recommended.

3. YIFY film

YIFY film

It’s a reliable name in the YIFY Trent world, but it is also the best platform for delivering online content. 

As the name suggests, YIFY movies can find all the titles to watch, even with movie streaming alone. The most important thing is that the site is very responsive. And it’s fast. 

To stream videos, Watch Series offers third-party hosting sites. As a result, your patience is needed.

Indeed, the first link may not work, but it’s beautiful in subsmovies. A fun user interface will certainly make you happy. You can easily find a collection of movies or shows.

What makes YIFY very good than subsmovies is its attractive interface. Soon, you can start broadcasting your movie. 

This station offers the best quality that can be used anywhere while ensuring very fast and low buffering. There is also a forum for sharing social plugins and ideas to share with friends with others.

4. Movie4K


Movie4k allows you to stream movies you want to watch without downloading unnecessary data such as sub-videos to your browser. 

The home page lists the most popular movies recently, as well as IMDB formats and ratings. However over the title to view details and record clicks. The site is mainly ad-free. 

It continues to attract the attention of users. Also, the website home page is not wrong. In the search tab at the top, users can get everything. 

The film is divided into drama, horror, thriller, and comedy. Therefore, finding the best option is not a problem. The most important thing is the stable streaming speed of the site. The video quality is also excellent.

Movie4K guarantees that you get the latest movies first. However, as it is limited to film, other content such as TV shows and web series cannot be viewed. However, it is an excellent bookmarking site for moviegoers.

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5. FMovies


If you want to be classic, use FMovies. At first glance, this site seems to be all you need for a streaming service. You can play movies and TV shows at the same time, completely free of charge, and stream and download HD content.

The user interface is easy to use. Downloading a video from a website is entirely free and legal. 

Films classified into different categories. You can find trailers for upcoming movies that are not there in the subsmovies site. After all, users can find old TV shows in Yahoo View. It also provides a full video player. 

Video quality optimized for Internet speed.

Site owners also recommend great content that offers the highest quality content available for viewing online. Also, FMovies transfers content via several third-party servers. 

6. 123Movies


For a long time, 123Movie has been the choice of online media content you can trust. So even if you file multiple times, you can still return to the original state. The reason is apparent.  123Movie works perfectly. There is also a user-friendly home page. 

There are many different types of films. These include comedy, drama, horror, fiction, thriller, crime, and more. Also, Tubi is a utility for Roku, Apple TV, Android, and other popular streaming devices. It is the best alternative to subsmovies in case of streaming.

You can sort the content by genre or by year, as well as to display content from certain countries like India and Korea. Content has multiple mirrors, each hosted on a third-party server. If you don’t want to see anything, you can request it at any time. Webmasters do their job as soon as possible. 

7. AZMovies


AZMovies should be the complete video streaming library and seems to be okay. You can view the full list of movies or sort by genre and year. 

The Recommend option allows users to watch the most popular videos on streaming sites. 

Not as much as other streaming sites, but each movie has enough servers to keep playing correctly. 

One person can download the movie and watch it later. Most importantly, users will be able to select quality, size, subtitles, and audio. It is the best alternative to subsmovies in case of streaming.

Interestingly, AZMovies can keep new movies and other website activities up to date with the addition of an official Reddit account. AZMovies may not be as much as any other streaming site I’ve seen so far, but I recommend using it without other options.

8. YesMovies


YesMovies rises and better than ever. The change certainly pays off, as the speed and appeal of the new version have greatly improved.

The home page is minimal; there are only three options: movies, TV shows, and research. There is a collection of classic films from around the world. 

Also, users can watch videos for hours without creating an account. There are huge categories from which to choose. It includes drama, adventure, classics, horror, western, novels, and more.

It is the best alternative to subsmovies in case of streaming.

You can sort the material in the country. Overall, it has proven to be one of the best alternatives for delivering YesMovies content.

9. Putlocker HD

Putlocker HD

If you like the old Putlocker website, there are other options here. Putlocker’s HD content is still HD as the original site. Putlocker HD can stream movies from third-party servers such as Openload in addition to their own. The interface is straightforward. 

It does not improve the movie viewing experience, except for the night mode. Choose from anime, drama, horror, fiction, comedy, and romance. Most shows have full episodes. These are free. It is the best alternative to subsmovies in case of streaming.

The site offers movies and TV shows, sorted by genre, year, and IMDB ratings. However, many online and pop-up advertisements on the website can interfere with entertainment. Despite many mirrors, the film may not have read yet. Overall, Putlocker is only the right choice if you like it.

10. Viooz


Viooz is a new streaming site showcasing its extensive library of online content. The site offers a variety of movies and TV shows, having almost all genres. It is the best alternative to subsmovies in case of streaming.

The site provides several films and TV shows. Yidio offers various links to watch exciting videos. 

For example, websites offer links to third party websites. You can watch a movie here. View all alphabetically, sort at IMDB level, or have a specific section. 

This site wants to broadcast content from more than two countries instead of searching for content from multiple countries. The site hosts content via third-party servers and updates the list frequently. 

Each content page contains the necessary information. The only downside to this site is the massive amount of ads that can hurt the mood.


This time, it’s your turn to select a website and watch a movie. It doesn’t matter if the Subsmovies is terrible for you. List Any website can make your dream come true. So grab the site and watch countless movies and TV shows.


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