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It is not possible to view all the movies in the theater, and getting all the CDs might be tough. So, the best way to would be to check out some sites that would offer free movies. Sites like fmovies that provided free movies with the option of online viewing.

It has a good layout, and the movies were categorized by genre. However, the site faced piracy issues and was forced to shut down by the US government. So, you would be in search of sites like fmovies, and so many of the sites in the list provide the movies for free.

Top 13 Sites like Fmovies to Watch Movies online are:

1. GoMovies


It is one of the best movie sites like fmovies. It offers many options for watching and downloading movies. Getting movies online for free is quite tough, and the site provides the benefit of getting the content for free.

However, these sites need to stay hidden from the internet because of the copyright issues that the original producers can claim.

However, the site has managed to distract the attention and help people in finding free content. Thus, in this way, people can appreciate art and also have it for free.

2. MovieHouse


The moviehouse may not be that much projected to piracy as compared to the other sites. This site can stay in the market because users themselves submit the content. However, the users use hidden identities so that they do not suffer from it.

The site provides the movies online, and you can watch it at any time. They have different categories that would fulfill the need for movies.

Moreover, the sites do have ads, but that helps in protecting itself from getting bankrupt. So, the site is the best for watching movies online, and any person can use it for free.

3. 123movies


Online streaming often shows an issue because of the slow speed. However, you would not feel the same when you are using 123movies, as it is similar to fmovies. The site provides good speed that helps in watching movies online with any hindrance.

It also has many categories that would help in choosing movies based on the requirements. The easy search option helps in finding the right movie. Thus, any person can use the site because it works without any registration, and you can use it for free whenever you want.

4. Yes!Movies


Yes! The movie is a similar sites like fmovies that provides movies for free. The site has a beautiful background that helps in using the site very easily. It has various categories that help in navigating along with a strip that shows a slideshow of the latest movies.

Moreover, you can also have a list of movies that can help you in selecting the movies.

However, some major problems lead to slow speed, and that might affect the quality of the video. Moreover, there are ads constantly streaming on the site that might irritate you to a greater extent.

5. Nites TV


The sites have the major benefits of having lesser ads compared to the other sites. The website has a design that is user-friendly, and you can easily navigate through the site to find anything that you want.

Furthermore, the site has a good library that helps in selecting the desired movie, which enables easy searching. It shows IMDB ratings with the movies that would help in deciding the content of the movie.

Furthermore, the site would not ask for registration, and you can stream anything that you like. However, the only drawback is that there might be some movies that would not have good quality.

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6. WatchFree


The site is similar to other sites because it shows almost all the movies without surfing. The site has a simple layout that would look attractive and capture the attention of many people. However, the site covers almost all the movies, and that helps in using it.

The site has many filtering and searching options that help in getting the right movies easily. The site does not require any registration, and you can use it without any problem.

However, the only problem is that it provides a lot of ads which can be annoying and the new titles might not have good quality.

7. MovieWatcher


The site provides different categories that help in selecting the right movie. The categories are based on different genres, such as thriller, adventure, comedy, drama, and many more. So, if you have a fixed genre in your mind, then you can opt for the right section.

Moreover, the IMBD rating helps in identifying the trending movie. It would also show the movies that are currently in the theatres also.

However, there are many ads on the site, but the major problem arises because the site provides pop-up ads that might affect the working of the system.

8. 5movies


The site has a huge database that helps in getting any movie that the person wants. The interface is simple, and the functioning of the site is also effortless. So, any person who has even a minor knowledge of the internet then they would be able to use the site.

Moreover, the site would not try to cheat you, and you would not have to get registered on it. It would not ask for credit card details, and you can use the site whenever you want. However, the drawback would include a lot of pop-up ads which jeopardizes the quality of new titles.

9. BMovies


The Bmovies sound like fmovies, and it also has a similar theme for their website. The dark theme boosts the website and makes it easy to scroll through the site. Moreover, it would not ask for any registration, but it supports ads.

So, you would get the online streaming of the content for free, but it would accompany some annoying ads.

However, they have a wide range of movie options that can help in selecting the right kind of movie. It supports the IMBD list that helps in selecting the movies based on their ratings and popularity.

10. Solar Movie

Solor Movies

The design of the site is simple that helps in navigating through it, and the site has many other interesting options that can help in finding the movies. The movies are categorized based on the genre that can provide the option of easy searching.

Moreover, it has a larger library that enables good quality movies. You will find all types of movies without any issues and the online streaming is smooth. The smooth feature helps in watching the movies without any problem and enjoying the cinema to the fullest.

11. Yo-movies


If you want to watch movies from other cultures and languages, then Yo-Movies is the best option for you. The site provides not only Hollywood but also Korean and Japanese programs. These movies are unique, and you would not be able to get them elsewhere.

Moreover, the layout of the site is so impressive that it helps in searching the movies more efficiently.

The site has prepared folders that would help in easy searching, and that makes the site more effective. However, the only problem is with the quality of the content that the site provides. Sometimes the quality is worse.

12. Two Movies

Two Movies

Two movies provide easy access to a set of movies and shows that are available on the site. However, the site would not require any registration, and it would offer services for free.

The search option helps in searching the movies without any issue, and that would help in getting the latest content.

However, the only drawback is that it provides a bright layout that often hurts the eyes. The site also has a lot of ads that would irritate the eyes, and the person would not be able to tolerate that. However, free sites are very tough to find.

13. Vumoo


The site is like fmovies because it provides the option of movies, TV shows, and many other things. However, the categorizing on the page is not perfect, and you might find faulty links. So, you would have to scour the site, and that would help in using it comfortably.

The site provides movies for free, and it does not require any registrations. However, the site does have a lot of ads that might affect the working of the sites. You can also have the IMBD ranking, list of directors, and actors on the website for easy reference.


Thus, there are many sites like fmovies, but all the sites would not provide the same features as it. So, you would have to go through the list provided above and scroll through those sites to get the best results.

However, the sites would not support everything, but you might find your desired movie from one or the other website. Thus, getting the film for free would help you in watching them all without any issues.


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