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Before getting into detail of Manga Reader Apps, lets have a look at what Manga is.

Manga is a Japanese comic book that revolves around a different superhero and other stories. It follows the Japanese culture and has been popular worldwide for many years. The stories of the manga have attracted many readers ranging from kids to adults.

However, it is tough to buy books, so people prefer to read it online. Some online webs are free, and some have charges, but reading without a laptop might be tough.

So, the best way to read the Manga comics at a comfortable level would mean that you would have to use Manga reader apps. There are many apps, and some are supported on both Android and iOS platforms.

So, the list below would help in identifying the suitable Manga Reader app:

1. Mangazone


Mangazone manga reader would help in reading all the manga for free on the app. It has more than 15000 titles that help in getting all the desired material. There are many books translated in English that would help in finding even the rarest book.

However, the app is free, which would lead to some advertisements. Moreover, the only drawback is the ads, along with some bugs that take up all of your time. So, if you want to use the app, then you need to use it with patience.

2. Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump

If you are new to the Manga world, then you need to start with Shonen Jump Mange’s reader. It is one of the best Manga apps for beginners. It shows all the chapters of the Shonen Jump series.

However, you can only read 100 chapters in a day because after that, and it becomes a premium version. So, you can pay $1.99 per month to read more than 100 chapters in a day.

However, you can get access to every chapter, and you can read the remaining chapters on the other day. Thus, this manga reader would give free readers without any ads.

3. Manga Rock

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is one of the best manga apps because it has a huge collection of books. The design of the app is beautiful, which makes it even more popular. Also, the menu is sorted in a way that the person can navigate through it very easily.

There are different categories that would help in choosing the right kind of book. However, the app would help you in doing so and would suggest titles based on your reading habit.

There is only one disadvantage that includes the fact that it works based on region. So, it would not support some countries, and those people cannot read it.

4. Super Manga

Super Manga

The super manga is a fun app that provides all the manga for free. The content is free, and the person can use it without any issue. Moreover, the free content does not have any ads, which makes it even more vulnerable.

The menu page and the design of the app are attractive that helps in navigating through the website very easily.

Furthermore, the app has many other features that attract the person and does not have any drawbacks. Moreover, the categorized menu helps in sorting through your favorite sites without any problem.

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5. Crunchyroll Manga

 Crunchyroll Manga

The Crunchyroll Manga reader has many features, and it provides both manga and anime in the app. The app is not free, and you would have to pay subscription charges monthly for the app. However, the payment would not get wasted because of the huge collection of manga and anime.

You need to register on the site but not with a social media account. Moreover, it has many features, such as the person can add manga in their favorites and bookmarks section and access them at any time.

The drawback is the poor design of the app, along with several notifications that spoil the mood of the person.

6. Manga Universe

Manga Universe

The app is simple and user-friendly. The design of the app might be very simple, which makes it easy to navigate. However, you would not find any categories or any other tech-related facilities. The app has a good collection, and also it does not show many ads.

Thus, the free version makes it more favorable, and if you are not that concerned with the features, then you can definitely use the app without any problem. If the only purpose is to read the manga collection, then this app would be the best.

7. Tachiyomi


The Tachiyomi Manga reader app is very user-friendly. The app has a beautiful design that makes it attractive and simple to understand. The app has many features, which include the fact that you can mark your books as favorites and work on them accordingly.

Moreover, the app is open-source, and so all the manga are available for free, and also it does not show any ads.

The app provides such useful features that it is tough to find any drawbacks with it. Thus, this would be the best manga app for any user even if they are beginners and want to start reading manga.

8. Manga Box

Manga Box

The main problem that the person faces while reading manga and anime is the problem with fitting with the screen. The dialogues in the comics need to be perfect so that the person can use them without any issue.

Thus, the Manga Box helps in maintaining that proper fixing, and also it is free of cost. So, the app provides all the content for free, but it streams some apps that would affect the magazine very largely.

However, the app updates all the latest content daily and on time. The only drawback is the incompatibility of the design that decreases the number of users.

9. Viz Manga

Viz Manga

The Viz manga is a manga reader that helps in reading the comics without any issues. There are many reading features that would help in enhancing the experience of the person. They can also download the manga for reading it offline later.

Thus, the app has many features that would help the person is using it for a longer time. However, all the content is free, and they can use the app without any interference.

There is an option of a bookmark that would help in resuming the book from the same point. Thus, the app would be very useful at all times.

10. ComicRack


The comic rack is the best manga app for fans who would like to read every comic. You can search in the site not only based on the genre but also on the basis of series or publisher. So, this feature makes it even more popular.

The app can work on both mobile and PC. The app has the feature of using it in full-screen and also provides the option of adding bookmarks. It is free to use, and the reader can read from the app at any time.


Thus, if you are a manga fan, then finding the right app would be very important for you. So, the above-stated apps would work for both the operating systems, and you can use the app to view the latest chapters.

There are many apps that are user-friendly and would publish the latest episodes daily. So, such feasibility would help in understanding the work and using it accordingly.


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