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Looking for Safe ROM Sites? Here are the top 10 Handpicked best options provided just below.

As a kid, many of us, including me, have been a fan of video games like Mario, Contra, or Pac-man. There was a revolution in the visual gaming sector, and simple video games transformed into high tech gadgets.

Hence old school person like me was restricted from playing those nostalgic games. Thanks to available ROMs, which enables the retro games to be played with the latest devices. There are many safe rom sites available on Google, which you can download for free.

The availability of unlimited sites offering free ROMs often makes you land on the wrong link. An incorrect selection might invite spyware, malware, or even a virus in your PC. So I share the top and safe rom sites.

Top 10 Safe ROM sites to download are:

1. CoolRom


Safe rom sites like CoolRom have the most considerable retro gaming resources. They claim to have more than thousands of gaming ROMs as well as emulators. CoolRom also has a beautiful user experience along with the security of any virus, malware, or spyware.

The name of the application is synonymous with its functions and will always impress you. Apart from this, there is a search option, and you need to type your requirements.

Users have always given this site the highest rate for its wide range of genres, such as shooting, action, adventure, etc. Without any ads or viruses, the site also shares screenshots for your reference to download. The popular ROMs available on the website are:

  • God of War- Ghost of Sparta
  • FIFA Soccer 2005
  • Crash Time Racing- CTR
  • Resident Evil 2 (Disc1)
  • King of Fighters 2002
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • WWF SmackDown! 2- Know your role

2. The Eye

If you are looking for an ad-free and safe rom sites, then your destination should be The Eye website. A library with a ROM collection of almost 60 sixty consoles equaling to more than 3 TB of storage. If asked about supportability, the sites support Windows as well as Linux. 

ROMs for a popular game like Transformers- More than meets; are also available on the site. They have an extensive collection from Atari Consoles to Nintendo Switch, and the entire download from here is legit.

The interface of the website is impressively smooth, with no pop-ups and ads. Listing of the ROMs is in alphabetic order for a more natural search. They are concluding that visitor of this site finds an enormous collection of ROMs and emulators as well.

3. Retrostic 


Name any retro game, and you will get ROMs for the game in Retrostic. It will excite you with their stock and make you nostalgic about the games. Rated as one of the safe rom sites of 2020 and also permit playing of backups. You get ROMs of exciting games likely

  • N64
  • GBA
  • SNES
  • Sega
  • Atari
  • NES

Security of the user of this site is top graded as it provides direct downloads and devoid of any .exe files or any other malware. Along with extensive ROM collection of almost all retro games, it also delivers necessary emulators for most consoles. Retrostic, which is a young member of the safe rom sites, has gained popularity rapidly.

4. Gamulator


Many sites are offering free ROMs, but in regards to provide the new generation ROMs, Gamulator tops the list. Admins of the site update their list almost regularly hence is regularly increasing their collection of ROMs and emulators. Makers of the safe rom sites like Gamulator include ROMs for famous games such as:

  • Iron Man
  • Ben 10
  • Tekken-Dark Resurrection
  • Tekken 6
  • Electroplankton (U) (Mode7)
  • WWE All-Stars
  • N64 ROMs
  • NDS ROMs

It is one of the few safe sites offering ROMs for PC, mobile as well as tablets adding to the benefits is its add free nature. Hence you get uninterrupted access and probably the safest sites keeping you protected from all computer infections.

5. RomsMania


Name of the brand speaks for itself as it can make the user crazy with a vast collection of ROMs. PC, tablet, and mobile-friendly ROMs are available at no cost along with a search bar for your target search. The best feature is that it does not disturb you with inappropriate ads and pop-ups. Users find this site very easy to operate for its beautiful layout and interface. Safe rom sites like RomsMania has ROMs for popular games like:

  • Naruto Shippuden- Ultimate Ninja Impact/ Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
  • Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories
  • WWE SmackDown v/s RAW 2011
  • Spider-Man 3
  • Ben 10- Protector of Earth/ Ultimate Alien- Cosmic Destruction
  • God Of War- Chains Of Olympus/ Ghost Of Sparta
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

It is one of the few sites accessible in most countries resulting in its vast database.

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6. CDRomance


Another excellent site to download ROMs for your console without worrying about viruses and malware.

CDRomance, one of the safe rom sites,caters ROMs for consoles like GB, GBA, SNES, Gamecube, GBC, etc. Detail information about the ROM like genre, date, etc. is mentioned for your feasibility. 

Remember the time of CD and DVD games? Game fans of that era would love this site as it focuses on games of a similar period. According to user reviews, the website links are always updated with high-quality downloads.

Few complained about ads but unanimously agreed on secured downloads without viruses and malware. ROMs and emulators for popular PlayStation games such as:

  • Grandia Xtreme (Undub)
  • Nickelodeon Sponge Bob Schwammkopf: Der Film
  • Manhunt 2
  • Assault Suits Valken
  • The Legend Of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

7. ROMs World Online

ROMs World Online

If you want to enjoy the best gaming experience, then you should not miss this website. Users like me who have a little sense of latest games can find favorite games like Mario here. Safe rom sites such as ROMs world hosts ROMs of games like:

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Pokemon White 2
  • Dragon Ball Z- Legendary Super Warriors
  • Zoids Legacy 
  • Angry Birds- Star Wars
  • PlayStation Portable ROMs

ROMs World gives proper direction for MAME games, which is critical for ROM download. With multiple frameworks of ROMs, this site is rated as very safe for users. Many questions about legitimacy, this website is legit with no ads or fake links.  

8. DopeROMs


Believed as one of the top safe rom sites, DopeROMs allows playing reinforcements on your PC and mobile. Like many sites, they also provide an inquiry section for faster search.

Along with ROMs and emulators, it also gives you tips and cheats codes for more than 9000 ROMs. Cheat codes are quite famous among youngsters used to clear a particular stage. 

Admins here take special care for users’ security, allowing both manager and direct download. It excites gamers with a never-ending list of available ROMs for Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, Nintendo DS, and Playstation.

It displays the ROMs with the file size, latest modification date, and user rating giving the user all necessary info.

9.  Emuparadise


This website though famous for delivering the best ROMs and emulators but is excellent in giving proper guides, gaming music, and ISO’s. Adding to this, the popularity of this site increased when rated as one of the top safe rom sites available.

None of its users ever complained of any malicious activity and is a legit and virus free platform. ROMs of available games are:

  • Resident Evil 4
  • Mortal Combat- Shaolin Monks
  • Downhill Domination
  • God Hand
  • Need For Speed- Most Wanted- Black Edition
  • Devil May Cry

You can also see the ratings of the games and download them as per your choice without any annoying pop-ups.

10. WoWRoMs


Safe rom sites like WoWRoMs stay ahead of its competitors in terms of the range of collections. It holds frameworks for versions like DOS, Acron, apple I, etc. and ROMs for more than 30 emulators.

You can even tap and play games from GBA, which does not require any downloading. Other than this, many ROM docs can be directly played without downloading. 

The uniqueness of the sites laid in its display of the vast genre types. Games of SNES RPGs, 16- bit shooters, etc. are kept in a separate section for your easy access. The chat and forum section of the site makes it interactive, allowing the users to share thoughts and info.

The website comes with an SSL certificate and receives massive traffic as per Alexa. Designed by 3 countries, the site saw first daylight, not more than 2 years. 

Steps to download ROMs: 

  • First, you should research the correct ROM required for your game and console.
  • Then choose the trusted and safe rom sites to download.
  • Now you can download the necessary ROM for free. It is generally downloaded in ZIP/RAR file.
  • You can use any decompressing application also available for free.
  • Organize your ROMs accurately. 


All the mentioned sites are quite safe to use, and you can access without fear of the virus. So download the required ROM and enjoyable gaming experience. After downloading ROM, always check whether it goes to the folder automatically.

If it does not happen automatically, then you have to do that manually for smooth gaming. With many resources available for free download of ROMs, you should pick safe rom sites for your excellent gaming experience.


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