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So, people used rabb.it alternatives sites for performing the task of watching videos and commenting. However, the site is not working anymore. The innovations in technology have resulted in many things that have helped the person in staying connected with their families.

There are some instances, such as work and daily life, that make it impossible to visit friends and relatives. However, there are some things, such as videos that you want to share with your family and comment on them accordingly. There are no such apps that would allow you to stream the video and chat.

The site was sold to kast.gg in 2019, but it was not working for some months. The sale would have meant that the site would start functioning again, but that did not happen. The site did not work because the investors withdrew all their money, and there was no other alternative than to shut it down.

So, the features of the site were missed by the people, and many other sites tried to provide the same features. However, the features included easy chatting and watching videos.

Top 10 Sites which can work as rabb.it alternatives:

1. Kosmi


The kosmi website is the best rabb.it alternatives. It offers many features which the user can use without signing up or installing the app. They can create a chatroom and can get connected via microphone and webcam.

The person can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, and other local videos by screen sharing with their friends in the chatroom.

They can also play games online and stay connected. The only drawback is that the chatroom would become public, and any person can send a request to join in.

2. Synaptop


The synaptop is a rabb.it alternatives because it would help in staying connected with your friends and relatives. The site offers the option of creating a chatroom, and you can add apps that would help you in watching videos such as YouTube.

However, the site also offers other options, such as sharing documents, audio, and video files. So, the person would be able to work on projects also on the site. However, they would be able to share things that are available on the app that they have linked.

3. TogetherTube


The TogetherTube site makes the viewing process more interesting because of the voting process. You can create a public or private room and restrict the members.

However, which video to play next would be an issue for all the people.

So, the site offers an option of voting, and the people can choose the video by getting the maximum votes.

Moreover, you can also block the users from voting features. However, it offers videos from very fewer sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and Sound Cloud. There is a settings option in the chatroom that would enable easy use of the room.

4. Watch2gether


The watch2gether is the perfect rabb.it alternative, but it offers many different and interesting features. The site would allow you to create chatrooms without registration. However, it would only play videos of the supported platforms such as Daily Motion, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Amazon.

It would not support Netflix and Hulu but can access all the videos of the supported platforms. The main advantage is that any person in the chatroom can share a video instead of just the room creator. Moreover, they can also listen to online music from Sound Cloud.

5. Andchill


Andchill offers an easy sharing option for videos as wells as audio files. Moreover, the site offers the public as well as private rooms. You would also get a list of public rooms with the content that they are watching and a number of members in the group.

So, if the videos are interesting, then you can join the group and enjoy the videos along with making new friends. Moreover, you can also share your choices in the group and encourage others to try new videos.

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6. Netflix Party

Netflix Party

Many platforms do not support Netflix because it has its own sharing platform. However, it only works for Netflix, and you need to have a subscription to it as well. You would have to install an extension on your browser and then log in to the account.

After logging in, you would be provided with an option of Netflix Party that can help you in connecting with friends and sharing videos. You can chat on the platform while the video plays, and that helps in feeling together.

7. Rave


Rave is a rabb.it alternative, but it is a social media platform based on the web. You can connect with other people on the site through your website and enjoy sharing things. You can share videos from YouTube, Viki, Reddit, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

The streaming through the site would be easy, and every person can enjoy the attention. Moreover, the site is also available in the form of a mobile app, and you can use it on Android as wells iOS platforms. It is the best way to stay connected with other people.

8. Simulchat


The site offers the option of sharing personal streaming videos along with other videos. However, it would support videos only from YouTube and other personal videos. You would not be able to login to other sites such as Amazon and Netflix.

However, the site would offer the perfect syncing option like rabb.it. So, it would feel as if you are watching the video from your living room itself. However, the site would require registration before creating a chatroom, and it uses very little time to do the task.

9. myCircle.tv


The myCricle.tv has tried to create their own social media platform. The site provides watching videos, movies, and also listening to music. The site offers private chatrooms that can help in maintaining privacy.

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You can use the site for watching videos, but they have to upload in the myCloud option instead of any other platform.

People can connect too many places and enjoy the site without any issues. Moreover, you can ask more people to connect by sending links through Facebook or Twitter.

10. ShareTube


ShareTube is a free video streaming rabb.it alternative. The site provides the option of streaming the video in sync with the other people in the group. You can create or join any chatroom and watch a video from YouTube.

You can share the videos with the help of the YouTube URL and enjoy all the videos in sync with the other users. Moreover, you would not have to create an account, and you can enjoy all the videos without any issue. However, your room would be public, and anybody can join it.


Thus, the distance between the two people can be covered with the help of technology. Moreover, these rabb.it alternatives would help the person in streaming videos and listening to the audios with their friends without any issue.

They can chat with them simultaneously, which makes the sites even more popular.

So, the best way would be to choose an appropriate site from the above and use it. The benefits would definitely attract you and make your time worthy.

Thus, you would be able to shares videos, audio, and even documents with your friends.


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