no audio output device is installed

Getting No Audio Output Device is installed error? Read below for the solution.

These days, acoustics is the basic requirement for every person who wants a PC or Laptop. The major role of acoustics is to enable a clear and loud voice from the device.

However, there are many new up-gradations that take place daily, either in the laptop operating system or in the drivers.

The basic functioning of different facilities in the laptop is through drivers. If you want to use audio, Bluetooth, webcam, and other amenities, then you would need to install the respective drivers.

However, if you get the error of no audio output device is installed, then the guide here would help you in solving the problem.

What is no audio output device installed error?

no audio output device

If you are using your system and have started a video but cannot hear the sound, then you might think that your speakers are not working.

However, if your system gave the starting sound, then there are very fewer chances that your speakers are not working.

So, in such cases, while playing a video, you would get the error of no audio output device is installed.

So, now, you would have to work on installing or enabling the audio output device in your system. So, the guide here would help in solving the problem very easily.

1. Scan and Restart

The errors sometimes occur because of some bug in the booting process. You might not have caused it, but it can occur by itself.

It also depends on the time of use of the system. If the system is used for a long time, then it may have caused some wear and tear, which would show the error.

Furthermore, if you are starting your system after a long time, then the system might have some problems. Also, if you have formatted your system, then it would show errors because of the incomplete installation of many things.

So, the first step to solve the problem of ‘no audio output device is installed’ is to check the functioning of your system.

You need to scan your PC through anti-virus to check for viruses that might block the audio output. You can check once after scanning and deleting the corrupted files.

If still, it shows the same error, then you can try and restart your system. The restart process might help in overcoming the errors of the system. However, if the system audio does not work, then you can try the other options mentioned below.

2. Run Troubleshooter

Run Troubleshooter

If the sound is not working in windows 10, then you can try different methods to solve it. If the same error occurs even after scanning and restarting, then you would have to work on solving with the help of troubleshooting.

The troubleshooter would help in finding the automatic solution. You can use the following method to solve the problem automatically.

  • Open Run command in the system by pressing the keys: Windows key + X. A black prompt window would come up.
  • Type Troubleshooter in the prompt and press enter.
  • The prompt would want to open some options and so click on View all.
  • There would be a list of options, and you can choose one with the name – Playing Audio.
  • The troubleshooting with the stated problem would start, and there would be some Instructions displayed which you need to follow to solve the problem.

Usually, this step would help in solving the issues, and you would be able to solve it. However, if you are not successful, then you need to follow the other steps, which are stated below.

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3. Uninstall Audio Driver

Uninstall Audio Driver

Now, after trying all the above methods, it can be concluded that the problem is with the audio driver and not with the system or connection. The error of no audio output device is installed can occur because of the problems in the driver.

The driver might be corrupt, not available, or outdated, which might have resulted in the error. So, you need to uninstall the driver with the help of the following steps.

  • You need to open the Device Manager from the control panel in your system. You can also open it with the help of Run command.
  • Choose the option of Sound, Video, and Game Controllers in the device manager.
  • You need to Right-click on the option and choose to uninstall from the drop-down menu.

Thus, in this way, you would be able to uninstall all the audio drivers in the system. Uninstalling would mean that you do not have any other driver on your system.

So, this would help you with installing a new driver or update it.

4. Update the Driver

After the uninstallation process is successful, you have to update the driver. The driver updating software is easy to find online. There are several devices that can help you with the driver.

Moreover, if you visit the laptop provider’s site, then you can find a driver on the site also. However, the driver might not be free on the home device. So, the best way would be to install it from third-party software.

You can install driver provider software from the internet and run them. They would scan the system and provide you with a list of all the drivers that are outdated. So, in one click, you would be able to select the one that you want.

The selection would help in downloading the latest version of the driver automatically. The new or updated driver would work after restarting the system.

5. Contact Support Team

However, if the above-stated all the options do not work, then there might be some serious issues with the system or the system provider. So, the best option now would be to contact the system support team.

You can contact them by sending a mail or by calling on the toll-free number provided by them.

Sending a mail would be the better option because in that you can mention that the sound is not working in Windows 10. Moreover, you can also highlight the fact that you have tried all the above options.

So, they would know about your problem and would try to solve them with some other technique. Furthermore, they would be able to guide you online so that your problem can be solved easily and quickly.


Thus, when you want to play audio in your device, and you cannot find the error of no audio output device is installed, then you need to try the above options.

Usually, it would be a minor error, and it can be solved with the help of installing and updating the audio driver.

Moreover, the options stated above would help in solving the problem by yourself.

These are easy solutions that the person can use even if they do not have enough knowledge of the system. Thus, the solution to the problem might be easy, and they can get it solved without any hassle.


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