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Increasing affordability and penetration of smartphones, expanding Internet user base, decreasing data prices have been attributed as the drivers of growth for mobile gaming. Ever wondered how to play ios games on pc?

Many mobile gamers rely primarily on their smartphones to play. Even though several popular games such as Minecraft and Clash of Clans have both a mobile version and a PC version. You might get used to playing them with your iPhone, but not certainly happy enough with its five-inch screen.

In other words, if you’re looking for how to play ios games on pc with the added benefit of a larger PC screen, then there are two main methods available.

One is to protect your iPhone / iPad screen onto your PC so you can run any games or apps on your iPhone / iPad screen. While the other is emulating the iOS system that runs iOS games and applications on your PC. 

You might have some experience using either an iPhone or an iPad. In case you may not be overwhelmed by your friend’s iPhone or someone else.

Is it not?

Well, this is a fact with quite a lot of people! Not every one of us can indeed buy an iOS device.

Generally speaking, most of us have the latest versions of OS-based PCs in Windows 8, 10, or several. One major complaint with Windows developers is that it only has a very limited number of available applications.

Play IOS Games On PC

Ever thought about running iOS games on your computer, but don’t know where to start and how? If yes, then the right page is on you. Here we are sharing you some of the best PC iPhone emulators to play iOS games on PC.

Fortunately there are a lot of programs that you can use to run iPhone apps on your PC. These programs make your computer work like an iOS device and that’s how it works. To turn your PC to behave like an iOS device, there are many different options available.

Below are few of the most popular options to look at if your query for how to play ios games on pc doesn’t end – 

1. iPad App

iPad App

Adobe Air-based IOS simulator which runs iPhone Apps on a non-IOS PC is remarkably well known! Whether you have a Windows, MAC, or Linux operating system installed on your computer doesn’t matter.

It has some restricted access to but useful App Store apps. With the extra advantage of enjoying your favorite Big Screen titles on your PC, you can play iPhone games as well.

It is strongly recommended that you have the latest edition of Adobe Flash Player and the. Net framework installed on your PC to use the simulator. You can save your games there too.

2. AirServer


You might have an iPhone and a laptop running Windows.

AirServer, In any event, would be the best solution for your need to visually skill IOS games on your PC and also a problem solver for your questions ‘Can you play ios games on pc.’

It lets you pair and mirror the iPhone’s screen contents on your PC easily.

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3. QuickTime Recorder

Can you play ios games on pc with Quick time Recorder?

Of course, yes! It creates a user-friendly interface on your MAC PC. To connect the MAC to the iPhone, all you need to do is use a compatible USB Cable.

By following a few simple steps you can easily play the IOS games on your MAC system.


If you are worried about installing any software from a third party on your PC, then is the one you should try once. It is an online IOS simulator that functions similarly to any offline simulator.

You will also get an interface to run the iPhone Apps by uploading the iOS .app bundle to the web site. You can also use.apk files to run Android apps on your Windows PC.

5. iMAME

Among those who want to play iOS games on PC, it’s not quite popular, but the option isn’t completely ignoble.

Some people may have trouble running the latest iOS games with this emulator and this will not cause any problems if you’re using iOS 10 or under.

6. iPhone Air Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator

If you have a PC based on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, then Air iPhone will be the better option. Adobe AIR application is simple yet easy to use.

You can easily access the iOS apps, and also play iPhone games on your PC directly. On an iPhone it imitates a GUI.

Would you want to play iOS games on your PC and get the look and feel of an iOS computer without actually having one?

If yes, then you’re certainly in the right spot. It’s time to switch to iOS emulators and simulators, so you can play iOS games on your Computer that are otherwise exclusive to iOS devices. 

Here’s what to note for how to play ios games on pc –

It should be noted that most users of iOS are pretty ‘picky.’

Therefore most of them don’t have a common choice. Besides, emulators also create a virtual hardware environment that is better to run IOS games smoothly and without or minimal lags on a PC.

Software for an IOS emulator can run an application on over one type of operating system. No longer worries if you’ve got a Windows-based PC, MAC, Linux.

You can also find some emulators running on IOS and Android operating systems.

iPhone simulator is cost-free and brings exceptional quality graphics while playing an iOS game on Windows OS. You can enjoy the iPhone virtual clone UI using this simulator.

So, iOS emulator software can be a boon for people with no iOS device to mirror their screen on a PC or something like that. It may also be a better option to use an online emulator.


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